Smile or laugh dogs

Can dogs laugh?

When dogs show their teeth, many people still think that this is always a threatening gesture. But what many dog ​​owners have long believed in has now been confirmed by research: dogs can laugh.

Why do dogs laugh?

Dogs mimic human behavior. The biologist Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen found out through her research on dogs, wolves and dingoes. “Domestic dogs have changed a lot in their behavior when they live with people. Now dogs have been noticed that show the bare teeth in a non-aggressive context, no wolf does that. Wolves have game faces, but they don't smile, dogs smile, ”explains Dr. Feddersen-Petersen in an interview. Dogs show their smile to their humans, especially in greeting situations or when they are asked to play, but not to their fellow dogs.

Is my dog ​​laughing or threatening?

The dog-like laugh is very similar to the human one. At the same time, however, it is easy to confuse it with baring your teeth. The threat is accompanied by strong tension and fixation on the part of the other person. When laughing, on the other hand, the body is relaxed, the dog often wags its tail and does not fixate on its counterpart. Also, pay attention to the dog's utterances. A deep, dark growl indicates an attacking posture. High notes, on the other hand, are more likely to represent fear, excitement or appeasement. So always consider the overall situation.

Laughter is race dependent

Feddersen-Petersen's research has also shown that some dog breeds laugh more often than others. In addition to large poodles, the Dalmatian smiles particularly often. The scientist intends to investigate more closely why this is the case soon. There are numerous pictures and videos of laughing dogs on the Internet. In this video you can clearly see that this is a friendly dog. And when our darlings grin, we humans can no longer look angry, can we? AGILA's dog health insurance ensures good medical care should your darling not be well. So that you and your four-legged friend can laugh again.

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