Who founded the financial markets


Who we are and what we want

Attac was first noticed during the protests for a social and ecological globalization in Genoa. 200,000 people took to the streets for social and ecological justice in the globalization process. Their protest was directed against the worldwide growing social inequality, against a globalization that is only oriented towards powerful economic interests.

With 90,000 members in 50 countries, Attac sees itself as part of this global movement. In Germany, too, Attac forms a broad social alliance that is supported by ver.di and the GEW through the BUND and Pax Christi to groups critical of capitalism. More and more people of different political and ideological origins are becoming active in the more than 150 Attac groups on site. [Complete text as PDF document]

Attac declaration

Globalization is a change of historical dimensions. It is changing society at an enormous pace and has a profound effect on our living conditions. It has so far been one-sidedly dominated by powerful economic interests, from large banks, investment funds, transnational corporations and other large capital owners. Their model is neoliberalism. According to this ideology, social problems can best be solved if they are left to the market and private companies.

The neoliberal promise that globalization would bring prosperity for everyone, however, has not been fulfilled, on the contrary. [Complete explanation as PDF document]

Global social rights - instead of national solutions

We are still in a multiple crisis worldwide, which has its root cause in the globalized capitalist economy. The longer the crisis lasts and the deeper it goes, the greater the desire for simple solutions.

Attac cannot provide the simple solution to the current crisis. We can, however, name criteria that the solutions must meet if they are to point in the direction of a more social and fairer world. [Complete text as PDF document]

The Attac foundation

On January 22, 2000, 120 individuals and representatives from more than 50 associations and initiatives met in Frankfurt am Main to establish a network for the democratic control of the financial markets. The name of the alliance remained open, but the first council passed a "Declaration for Democratic Control of Financial Markets".

On 17./18. November 2000 decided another piece of advice to be named "ATTAC Network for the Democratic Control of International Financial Markets". With the adoption of the French expression (A.Association pour la Taxation of the Transactions financières pour l 'A.ide aux C.itoyens), the founders of the network wanted to make it clear that they see themselves as part of the international Attac movement.