Who were Horus and Anubis

The Egyptian Gods: Strange Relationships

Osiris was the god of the hereafter because he presided over the judgment of the dead. He was usually depicted like a pharaoh with a crown, crook and scourge. Osiris was husband of Isis and father of Horus and brother of Seth.


The sun god Amun-Re was the creator of the world for the Egyptians. He was depicted with a hawk's head and a disk of the sun. Amun-Re became the main god in the New Kingdom.


Hathor was the goddess of love. She was often seen in pictures in the form of a cow with a disk of sun between the horns.


Isis was the wife of Osiris. She was a role model for all mothers and protector of the children. You can recognize Isis by a throne hieroglyph on her head.


Anubis was considered the god of embalming and supervised the weighing of the internal organs in the [judgment of the dead]. He can be recognized by the jackal's head. Jackals used to visit cemeteries, so the Egyptians associated them with burial.


According to legend, Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris. He was depicted as a falcon and wore the double royal crown. Horus was also the pharaoh's patron god. Every pharaoh was revered as a "living Horus".


Khnum has power over the rapids of the Nile. At his word, the Nile god Hapi rose and flooded the land. This is how the Egyptians imagined it.


The cat goddess Bastet was the daughter of the sun god Re. Bastet is represented as a woman with an animal head or as a whole animal. As the goddess of fertility and love, Bastet is also the protector of pregnant women. She is also the goddess of joy, dance, music and celebrations. Originally, she possessed both angry and gentle qualities. Over time, the angry being was sent to the Goddess Sekhmet which becomes the shadow, the destructive side of Bastet.