How can you combine programming and dentistry

How does your patient get a bruxane?

The process is described here and can be downloaded. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are answered here.

You can find currently certified bruXane dental laboratories here. This list is constantly updated and expanded.

bruXane includes the advantages of a classic occlusal splint and the modern knowledge of biofeedback. This means that the entire success of the treatment remains in the hands of the dentist and the bruxist benefits from the latest technology combined with dental treatment. Therapists from other disciplines and patients also contact bruXane directly. We need other cooperating dentists for this.

Our patient experiences show that conditioning the patient through biofeedback is very successful. You can find proof of this here (quantitative) and here (qualitative).

The soft material and the unnecessary reworking of the splint saves valuable time in practice.

User-friendly for the patient and the dentist! bruXane does not have to be programmed and is easy to use.

In the edition 2017; 9 (3) of the CMF (Journal of Craniomandibular Function) there is an exciting article "Therapy of Bruxism with Biofeedback Apparatus" by Dr. med.dent. Klaus-R. Hoeffler appeared. You can purchase the article on the Quintessence homepage or download it free of charge from this link

Splint therapy has become an indispensable part of daily practice and classic treatment for bruxism. In the short term, this can and will help the patient and avoid further tooth damage. However, informed patients are increasingly looking for additional, new and better treatment methods. Biofeedback is becoming increasingly important in modern patient treatment, including in the treatment of bruxism. More and more patients are looking for solutions to not only protect their teeth but also to keep their bodies from the destructive behavior of grinding.

Here help is sought, e.g. with headbands and other EMG devices (electromyogram), which activate an alarm by means of an acoustic signal when the masseter muscles contract. Even botox and low current, which is transmitted through sticky plasters, are used to dissuade yourself from the nocturnal crunch.

After many years of research, bruXane has succeeded in combining the important and indispensable approach of the occlusal splint with the modern treatment options of biofeedback. The biofeedback workscontemporaneousandright on the spot the wrongdoing.

If desired, bruXane also enables the recording of bruxism activity by an integrated microcontroller. Thus, bruXane gives you the opportunity to observe the bruxism activity and to check compliance with the therapy.

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