Is MSG a carcinogen

always healthy and cancer-free

As mentioned earlier, we are likely to develop cancer as it is one of the top deadly diseases. But how do we develop cancer?

Here are the factors.

In a post it would be our gadgets. Since technology has helped make our lives easier, little we know it can also shorten our lives. The gadgets / wireless devices we use: our computers (desktop or laptop), tablets, cell phones, WiFi modems / routers, WiFi devices, digital cameras, microwaves, televisions, cordless / cordless phones, etc, and largest of all - Cell sites / cell towers, produces radiation. Actually, they are around us that we are exposed to on this daily. These things emit EMR, or electromagnetic radiation. An energy transmitted by electromagnetic waves and pose hazards. Studies and research have shown that any prolonged and regular exposure to radiation is absorbed by the body and can cause cancer through cellular and genetic damage. When radiation penetrates our bodies, it has the ability to create molecular structure and DNA damage in our cells and tissues to make the cell divide abnormally, so it can also increase the likelihood of developing other dreaded disease.

Radiation not only has the ability to keep our cells functioning normally, but it can also greatly affect our systems. As it is absorbed by the body, negatively affecting our eating habits, it creates sleep cycles / habits, weakens our immune systems, changes our mental / psychological state and even affects our attitudes.

We use computers or laptops at work or at home. And since uses mostly work related to radiation we are exposed for hours. Our eyes strain, get minor headaches, migraines occur and sometimes blurred vision.

We also use cell phones for communication. The radiation emitted when cell phones are in use is strong, even when our phones are kept inside the pocket. Avoid keeping your cell phone in your pocket. In case you conceive or impregnate your partner, the fetus may develop deficiencies or has higher chances of developing deficiencies or a weak immune system - it may be the cause of infertility, low sperm count. Answering a call when your battery is on its last beat the higher level of radiation.

polluted environment
Our environment is also the culprit of poor health. Air and water polluted. With emissions from vehicles, smoke from factories, cigarette smoke and the EMF / EMR from power lines in the area. Water is not that clean anymore. Oil / chemical spills in the ocean, garbage thrown in the sea affects the water. And with that said, some of the food comes from the sea. Seafood like crabs, prawns, fish, shellfish all come from the sea. If there is an oil / chemical spill, these species may that fail to avoid the chemicals that spill and mix in the water. That's why there are cases of tuna and marlins radioactive because of the toxins in the water including mercury. Some doctors advise eating fish that have many scales because fish with scales aren't as directly affected by chemicals that would touch their bodies. And even when fish have scales, they are still in the contaminated waters and eat their food, and the fishermen catch these fish, sell them in the market and we buy what we thought was "healthy food", but then most of us are unaware and eat this contaminated food.

Food contamination and radiation aren't the only causes of cancer. It's how we cook our food. And for your checklist, read below:

> The next time you go out to cook, when you've read this blog, avoid using aluminum rice cookers that are grilled meats wrapped in aluminum foil, because when aluminum is heated, the shiny part goes with your food. When that happens, it starts poisoning the brain.

> No more microwaving plastic products - when plastic is heated they cause damage to our bodies and that's how we get carcinogens.

> Never reuse water bottles to drink again. Use it only once and dispose of it immediately.

> Never eat the burnt part of your grilled or fried food; this is too carcinogenic.

Nutritionists say you are what you eat. So we are all aware of what we are eating. I love McDonalds myself, it's my childhood favorite. We love the taste we appreciate every second teeth sinking into this fast food, but the quick tastier food we eat, the more trans fats we get. Our favorite fries, burgers, and sodas are the top notchers when it comes to trans fat and preservatives. Including the association. Every other fast food chain has a lot of trans fats along with our favorite burger food.

Junk foods contribute to cancer too. MSG and preservatives are the flavors used for a tasty junk treat. That's why it's called junk food - nothing good comes from junk. Do your research on preservatives and MSG. Try dipping your fingers in a small pocket of MSG or mono sodium glutamate. Dip your fingers 4 or 5 times and if you feel dizzy, now you know how this stuff works. It is a neurotoxic flavor enhancer. More MSG in your food, more chances of gaining Brain Damage, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Liver and Kidney Problems, and Conduct Disorder. We don't need manufactured glutamic acid as we already have natural glutamic acid produced by our own body.

Artificial sugar is bad. Aspartame (aspartic acid / phenylalanine dipeptide) won't make you healthy. Even if it is a low calorie sweetener it is chemical based that endangers your vital organs. Don't let this artificial food ingredient trick your body to reduce weight, its just the opposite. These harmful ingredients are found in colas / sodas, powdered fruit juice, commercial or powdered tea drinks, energy drinks, milk - all of these products marketed has Trojan-like active ingredients that you couldn't have guessed, will give you headaches, blurred vision, memory lapses and much more.

See what you are eating. It doesn't hurt to check what is in your mouth and system. We already have a polluted environment, why are you adding a little more pollution to your body?