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AVG VPN Test - (Updated February 2021)

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AVG VPN is a very simple and easy to use VPNDesigned and currently designed for beginners and anyone interested in keeping their online activities safe 59 servers in 38 countries offers. If you look at the number of servers, it is quite similar to the number of Avast Secureline VPN servers. We would like to reiterate that both services are different but are owned by a similar parent company, the Avast Group. AVG VPN offers dedicated Streaming and P2P server and these, too, are similar to Avast VPN servers.

You may think there is no point in running a separate test when all services are the same. We'd like to point out that both VPNs work separately and that's why we have this one AVG VPN test for our readers.

AVG VPN offers simple security functions, language and start options and has an integrated for the safety of the user Kill switch and a Secure VPN function. AVG VPN is unfortunately not a good choice for Netflix usersas it is not a very strong VPN and cannot bypass geo-restrictions, although it does € 4.99 / month costs.

In terms of compatibility, AVG VPN scores and supports very well Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Support for Linux, routers and other devices is not available. A good deal from AVG VPN is that if you are really interested in checking out the service, AVG VPN for free download and use for 7 days. If you are concerned that you might be automatically calculated after the trial period ends, don't worry, because for AVG VPN free no credit card is required. So if you really want to test the service or buy it right away, make up your mind after this one AVG VPN test.

Are Avast Secureline VPN and AVG Secure VPN the same?

No, Avast Secureline VPN and AVG Secure VPN are not the same. AVG Secure VPN was acquired by Avast Secureline VPN in 2016 for $ 1.3 billion. Before their merger, both companies had their headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. The fact that AVG VPN is owned by Avast Secureline VPN can be seen in similar user interfaces and almost the same number of servers that both offer services to their users.

AVG VPN test - an overview

user friendlinessEasy handling
Logging guidelinesStrict no-logs policy
Number of servers59 servers
countries38 countries
Customer service24/7 only for premium members
TorrentingWill be supported
StreamingNot always supported
VPN protocol and encryptionOpenVPN protocol; AES 256-bit encryption
HeadquartersCzech Republic
Lowest Price € 4.99 / month
Official website

In how many countries does AVG VPN have servers?

AVG Secure VPN currently offers 59 servers in 38 countries. AVG VPN belongs to a large organization called “Avast Group” and just this small number of servers is not enough for the best user experience. They also have some dedicated servers for P2P and streaming purposes.

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How fast is AVG VPN speed?

In our AVG VPN speed tests, we found that speeds vary widely between servers and there are no permanent or high-speed server connections. For more information on AVG VPN's performance during the test results, see the Speed ​​Test.

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Are AVG VPN costs for the services reasonable?

AVG is a very expensive provider when you compare its price with its services and features. Customers without a credit card or billing details can try AVG Secure VPN free of charge for 7 days. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee for users.

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Are the AVG VPN protocols safe for connections?

AVG VPN mainly uses OpenVPN for Windows and IPSec for Mac users. There is no way to choose between other protocols. OpenVPN & IPsec are both secure protocols, but since the encryption method is not known, it's really hard to tell if the protocols are enough to create a secure connection. The logging guidelines are also unclear.

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Is AVG VPN easy to download and install?

AVG VPN is available on all platforms on which the application works. Linux users will still not be able to use AVG VPN. AVG Secure VPN also does not support other platforms on which you have to set up the VPN manually. The simultaneous connection of 5 devices is possible with AVG Secure VPN.

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Can I cancel AVG VPN in just 1 step?

AVG VPN termination is very easy in just 1 step and is explained in detail in this article. The customer support, on the other hand, is very poor and there is no 24/7 help or a live chat bot for users. Users can post their questions in the support forum. German users can also contact support via a special email address.

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Can AVG VPN unblock Netflix and bypass proxy?

Netflix is ​​still not AVG VPN's strong point. Most of the Netflix libraries are inaccessible, and we were only able to stream Netflix US and Australia. In order to have a better user experience, AVG VPN needs to improve its geo-restriction bypassing ability.

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Are the AVG VPN experiences good or not?

The general AVG Secure VPN experience was good because the application is easy to use. There aren't many options available in the application, so it is easy for users to find what they are looking for.

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