What does this mean in troubleshooting the website

Internet HTTP 400 - what does this error mean?


While browsing the Internet, came across a website with an "HTTP 400 Error (Bad Request)" message? Below we will show you what this error code is all about and how you can possibly fix the problem.

Error HTTP 400 - that's behind it

If the status message "HTTP 400 Error (Bad Request)" appears, in most cases something went wrong with the transmission of the server data. Normally you ask the server of the website you want to visit. The server then processes your query, for example in the form of the web address you entered. Then you will normally be shown the website you want.

But sometimes there can be complications here. The status code 400 (Bad Request) indicates that the server is unable to process your request. Reloading the page should fix the error in most cases. Often this is related to a problem on your side of the network. Possible reasons can be:

  • Web address entered incorrectly: Entering an invalid URL can result in this error message. An Internet address is considered invalid if the corresponding page does not exist or if impermissible special characters have been inserted. Check again that you have actually entered the correct address.
  • Problems with cookies: It is possible that the cookies stored in your browser are out of date or incorrect. In this case it is advisable to delete the cookies from your browser.
  • Too long URLs / header lines: When you make a request to a website, a header is used between you and the server. With some servers it can happen that this header exceeds a maximum character length. In this case there is little you can do, except possibly shorten your request.
  • Obsolete DNS entries: Your DNS cache may still contain out-of-date files that point to incorrect IP addresses. In this case, clear your DNS cache.
  • Files that are too large: Problems can also arise when uploading files. Some servers give the 400 error if the files are too large and the server cannot process them.