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Why you should take part in the Youth Speak Survey!

The Youth Speak Survey gives you the chance to be heard and to help shape the future of our generation! "The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow" - Nelson Mandela.

Seldom before has a quote been as accurate as this one at the moment - because we are in an era of youth. Worldwide around half of the world's population is under 30. This is not just an interesting statistical figure or a demographic phenomenon - this is about you and a historical opportunity. A chance to make young people heard and to promote change in their country.

The influence of youth on the world and its communities is particularly evident in the Global Goals published by the UN in 2015. Young people have played a big role in developing them and will play a much bigger role in reaching them. But our generation is also faced with new problems. Overcoming these will determine the success of entire societies and social systems. We are already facing problems such as increasing inequality, persistent poverty and the consequences of climate change. But we know change can only be made if individuals strive every day to create awareness, promote mutual acceptance and a sense of togetherness, and drive action in their community.

We are the greatest generation of young people that has ever existed and will be on this planet. The Youth Speak Survey gives weight to our voice!

However, in order to be able to change something, one must first understand it. It has been five years since the Global Goals were published and we want to know what opinion the people have who will shape the future of tomorrow - YOUth! Therefore we want to hear your opinion and understand your reality. What do you think of the UN Global Goals? How do you envision your future? What problems do you face? What is leadership for you?

We want to give you the opportunity to be heard so that you can better understand what it means to be a young person in 2020. It doesn't matter whether you are personally committed, have never thought about the Global Goals or have contributed to their creation. We want to hear your opinion in order to act on your behalf - Speak Up and take part in the Youth Speak Survey, which gives you the stage to be heard and give weight to your voice!

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