What is the best Spanish YouTuber

Spain's most popular YouTube star on the Berlin network DIVIMOVE

He has the largest in Spain. But not only the biggest, but also the one where many can be jealous. He achieves a lot with it. He has many fans and admirers. Anyone who thinks something perverse again is wrong here. This is about the Spanish YouTube channel elrubiusOMG. elrubiusOMG is the channel from YouTuber Rubén Doblas and we Germans will most likely not understand a single word.

But he has the biggest, in Spain - the biggest YouTube channel. Over 6.8 million subscribers and over 725 million views. In comparison, our German Gronkh has 2.8 million subscribers but also over 1 billion views. But that doesn't matter at first.

On the elrubiusOMG channel you can find Let's Plays, Vlogs, Sketches and Prank Videos - something for everyone. And if you want to learn Spanish, you've come to the right place - because of course you speak Spanish, logically. It now generates 50 million views per month, making it the most popular YouTuber in Spain, but also one of the most successful in the world.

The good Spaniard has now found his way into the YouTube partner network DIVIMOVE, which we already had in an interview - in German. Because DIVIMOVE GmbH is a German company based in Berlin, but with international partners.

I am impressed by how passionate and motivated the DIVIMOVE team is. Not only is it a very successful network, they manage to understand my dreams and ideas and develop a plan for how I can achieve them. I look forward to breaking new ground together!

So Rubén Doblas aka elrubiusOMG.