Are humans the only animals that masturbate?

Sex mistakes from the animal world


Did you know that penguins are often gay and that monkeys sleep upstairs? has compiled six great errors from the animal world.

Mistake # 1:

In the animal kingdom, sex is used exclusively for reproduction.

Not correct. Sex is also fun for four-legged friends, which they indulge in every now and then. Baboon males in particular like to tackle a female without warning. They hold out their pink butts a little listlessly, but quickie is quickie.

Mistake # 2:

Homosexuality is a human invention.

Not correct. In the meantime, homosexual behavior has been discovered in 450 animal species. Among other things, with flamingos and the charming Humboldt penguins, who even have long-term partnerships. They go to feed together, live in a common den, and they have sex with each other. In short: you live like in a registered partnership for homosexual couples. Adoptions have even been observed in gay seagulls.

Mistake # 3:

Porn leaves animals cold.

Not correct. At the Chinese panda research center in Wolong (Sechuan), 80 percent of the males were found to be listless. With films of copulating conspecifics, the libido could be awakened in at least 20 percent of the viewers. The gentlemen, on the other hand, reacted very reserved to panda dolls.

Mistake # 4:

Threesomes are human.

Not correct. The Flotte Dreier is also very popular with bearded vultures.

Mistake # 5:

Animals don't sleep upstairs. Not correct. It has been observed in male monkeys that they like to be mated by higher-ranking animals in order to improve their social position.

Mistake # 6:

Monkeys and dogs are the only animals that masturbate.

Not correct. The Nubian Ibex likes to do it by itself and the elephant, which we previously only assumed to be a "decent mating", likes to suckle its lower trunk with its front one.