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Trump is legally defending himself against access to his tax files

The Democrats, who have had a majority in the House of Representatives since the beginning of the year, want to force Donald Trump to publish his tax documents. The President does not want to accept that. His lawyers filed a lawsuit against it. According to the information, Donald Trump is suing as a private person, not as President.

The Chairman of the Audit Committee in the House of Representatives, Democrat Elijah Cummings, had requested financial records from a company with which Trump and his companies had worked for many years in accounting in connection with Trump's request for disclosure of tax documents. Cummings exhibited a so-called Subpoena with which he can force the company "Mazars USA" to hand it over under threat of punishment.

Trump's lawyers argue that this move is inadmissible. They accused the Democrats of waging a political war against their client. Instead of working with the president, they were "obsessed" with finding something that could harm him, the complaint said.

Trump let the deadline to the tax authorities pass

The Democrats also wanted to enforce the release of tax documents through the US tax authority, the IRS, which is subordinate to the US Treasury Department. In early April, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives' tax law committee, Richard Neal, officially requested the handover of Trump's personal and business documents from the past six years. According to his letter to the tax authority, Neal wants to clarify to what extent the authority examined the President's decisions and how strictly they proceeded. Neal gave April 10th as the deadline for the publication. Trump let the deadline pass.

Trump's opponents suspect fraud

In the 2016 election campaign, Trump was heavily criticized for breaking a longstanding tradition of presidential candidates and not making his tax records public. Previous applicants did this so that the public could get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir economic situation and any financial dependencies. Applicants are not legally obliged to make their tax documents public.

To justify his refusal, Trump said several times that his tax returns were very complicated and that people did not understand them. His opponents speculate against it that Trump might have a lot to hide.

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