Can we carry coconut on a flight?

Is it possible to bear fruit on the plain. Thailand: How to Export Fruits

Tourists traveling with the world, tourists bring the souvenir home for relatives. Exotic fruits are often not sold at home so I would like to bring them with me if possible. But many people know that the routes and legality of such transports are concerned, because that is where problems arise.

The laws of the Russian Federation do not restrict tourists in transportation. The rules are set by airlines and are reduced to the permitted baggage weight. Besides, in manual sting remember, remember others. Poorly packaged or surfing fruit can create discomfort. Such an amount is allowed to take with you on the flight that you can eat along the way. But citrus, fragrant and soft fruits are better not to wear at all - in addition to blurred seats, you can provoke allergies from travelers.


When crossing the border, customs restrictions come into effect.

The imports into Russia products from the following list of countries are therefore prohibited:

  • Australia;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Georgia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Moldova;
  • eU countries;
  • Norway;
  • Canada.

Separately, it is worth allocating Turkey, China and Thailand. The prohibitions for certain products apply to them. For other countries the rule applies - the weight should not exceed 5 kg and require reliable, proper packaging.

It is also forbidden to carry concrete fruits on the plain:

  • coconut;
  • watermelon (except sliced);
  • durian;
  • dried fruits from China and Thailand.

But trying to wear prohibited or clearly unnecessary products is not worth it. Reviews that customs officers do not check the baggage, truthfully only in part. If the customs officials close their eyes to a slight "congestion", they will have to pay a fine for obvious violations. The size ranges from 500 to 1000 rubles with repeated injury. At the same time, all products, including those that do not exceed established standards, will be confiscated.

carry-on baggage

Bridge fruits in smaller quantities from exotic countries with manual sting that you can. Rejection in the transmanent can in the case of a passport and without packaging. Be sure to read the carrier's rules before flying.


It is more convenient and safer to carry fruit in your luggage. And even if the weight exceeds the norms, no one blames - you just have to pay extra kilograms, according to the established tariffs.


It is better not to use cellophane packages as a package due to their low strength. You can use a silent mesh for fruit, a basket or a small box. Likewise food film or newspaper is suitable.

Ripe mango, sweet and sweet papaya, exotic dragon fruit and unusual maracuy - you also wanted to capture a piece of summer with me? Is It Possible - How To Transport Thai Fruits? Which types are banned for export? How many fruits can you take from Thailand with you and what package "come with" so that all rivers are safe and preserved?

In this article we will tell you about all the tubing studies and nuances associated with this topic. Also drag some myths and bikes that love to scare tourists.

Is it possible to export fruits from Thailand?

Yes, all exotic delicacies are allowed to export. Of course we are talking about parties for personal consumption.

Transport can be carried out in any way - in luggage and hand luggage. Any personal export should not contradict customs regulations to countries of export and import. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to the agreements prescribed by the Carrier Company.

How many kilograms of fruit can be removed from Thailand

The Thai customs limit the distance of 20 kg. Excess This number indicates that the party is commercial in nature. So it has to be framed and paid for throughout the law of the law.

Another thing is the side of Russia. Rosselkhoznadzor noted the requirements for the import of vegetable and animal products. So each person can only take up to 5 kg of products with them.

Again, tourists often argue that there are more than 5kg transfers - nobody pays attention. In fact, most of the airports are loyal to the Thai fruit importation direction. Close your eyes, so to speak, to cross over. How exactly do you know what exactly you will not become the "illustrative option" of paying fine and customs issues?

Which fruits are banned for export from Thailand?

In addition to the popular "smelly and powerful" durian, whole coconuts and watermelons are exported. Their shell does not allow that "enlightenment" does not indicate product. Incidentally, in the "broken" state of determination is possible.

As for durian, the ban is due to its specific smell. By the way, transportation is prohibited not only in airplanes, but also in public transport Thailand. Also brew fruits in hotel complexes., Shopping malls, souvenir shops.

Whether the weight of the fruit in the luggage and the handmade bag is taken into account, or it is considered separately

The weight of the fruit is included in the total weight of the luggage, nothing else is charged. This rule applies to the manual sting.

As a rule, porters limit 23 kg in the luggage compartment and 10 kg in hand. Your things or fruits will be there - only to solve you. Another thing is customs. Do you remember the limit of the party in 20 kg for personal consumption?

Lady's handbag, laptops and footels are not considered handcrafted. Some airlines are making possible changes to rules.

Is it necessary to buy a special fruit basket to take out from Thailand?

No, not necessarily, but it's pretty handy. Plastic container allows to save the fruit peel, to protect it from the fight. Especially relevant for flights with a transfer.

When buying a basket, consider its dimensions. It is important that the container entered the baggage handler through the seats. Otherwise, you have to keep it in your hands or under your feet. The height of the shelf, depending on the model of the aircraft - from 35-40 cm.

You can find fruit baskets in the markets, less often in network supermarkets such as Bigsaea and Teso.

Some tourists use cardboard boxes. However, for full transport it must be wrapped in scotch. The slightest flow of fruit is a chance to soften the entire carton.

How to grab fruit so they don't remember

Depending on the type of fruit, they are wrapped in newspaper sheets or shifted with parchment paper. An alternative is also possible in the form of ordinary towels. However, the weight of the Thai fruit box will increase significantly.

Some shops offer to buy special foamed meshes (less often). Most often they are put on mango, maracuy and papaya. Ask about these accessories from the seller if the purchase is not made in the network supermarket.

What fruits to buy to bring them - green and unripe

A common mistake tourists make is honestly choosing green fruits in hopes of ripening during the flight and staying home. In fact, experienced travelers recommend not to take most of the ripe fruit, but also obviously "green", the option is better to leave on the counter.

The thing is that sweetness and taste, exotic fruits win in the sun. In aggregate with a tropical, humid climate, the product will be obtained juicy and tasty.

The submerged fruits in our climate will be softer, but their "green" taste will not disappear anywhere.

How do I buy Thai fruits when exporting, small lifehaki and a few tips?

  • Do not tell the seller that you intend to make the purchase for shipping to Russia. Not often, though, but it does happen that the sellers deliberately sell bad goods. You will not return to set claims.

Tell me you need some big fruit for a party that will be in a couple of days. That said, stress that you need a little bit of unripe fruit. In addition, the wholesale purchase should be a reason for an additional discount. Do not be afraid to induce yourself!

  • Do not buy delicacies on the central, tourist streets. Prices There are obviously more expensive.
  • It is not recommended to buy cleaned, broken fruit. The expiration date varies within a few hours.
  • Green Mango (variety of fruits) - is transported much better than the "colleague" of yellow color.
  • Before you fly, research the airline's rules. Some companies put complete restrictions on the transportation of fruits from Thailand in handcrafted fruits. Usually it affects charter flights and small carriers.

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For us, the inhabitants of the cold hikes that have fallen in tropical countries, I want to be warm and take it with us, at least in the form of incredibly delicious exotic fruits. You are standing still in Thailand, Vietnam or in southern China, you are wondering how to find out beloved fragrant fruits home to enjoy yourself or to surprise with Thai fruits from relatives and friends. Our review answers any questions.

Is it possible to take fruits from Thailand?

With the removal of Thai fruit, you have no problem. All fruits from Thailand are allowed to carry the plane, with the exception of Phachuchi Durian. The maximum weight is only limited by the requirements of the airline. To be taken into account, the fruits transported in the bulk of things and weigh all together.

When flying Aeroflot you can carry 1 bag weighing 23kg in one bag (this does things that take things into account) and 1 bag weighing 10kg in handtaggons per passenger.

But at the entrance to Russia are rare, but complications are possible. In the event of a violation of the norm established by the sanitary service, the Russian customs officers have the right to confiscate the product. In such cases, such cases are rare and usually only inspect the manual sting - it is better to be able to hand over the luggage.

In Russian sanitary standards it is stated that the passenger cannot enter more than 5 kg of fruit for personal use, if the weight is necessary to pay a required certificate and duty.

Fruits from Vietnam to Russian travelers are often driven. We do not advise the risk and export of Vietnamese coconies, durian and aquatic people on the plane.

What fruits does Thailand and Vietnam bring?

If you want to feel Thai at home:
Yellow mango
a pineapple
Mini bananas

Choose the fruit a little unhealthy, without dents, cracks and darker.

If everything is eaten quickly:
Papaya (stored up to 4 days)
Lychee (stored for 2-3 days)
Longan (up to 5 days)

You can buy Thai fruits at the fruit market or supermarket, just as convenient.

If you want to surprise friends:

Explain the Thai you have fruit on the street - the seller chooses the fruit that will bring a long flight and keep for a few more days.

Don't forget to include the sapodilla, granades and jackfruit and buy your favorite tangerines, they are so delicious here.

Which is better to carry fruit from Thailand on the plane

In order for the precious goods to reach the house as a whole, you need to properly pack the luggage. You can carry fruit in a suitcase or in a special plastic container. Do not use packages - fruits come up and drown.

Write your last name on the container with fruits, many similar baskets will meet on the flight.

We choose a little unfermented fruit, each pack in a pack in a pack, film or foil. We first fold large dense and heavy fruits, then softer and small. Between fruits, top and sides, laying paper or soft things. The outside of the package is wrapped with a film for greater reliability.

Some travelers just take a free cardboard box at the store and glue their scotch, but this isn't the most reliable option.

Containers for transporting fruit in large quantities are sold in Taya Bigsaea and Teso supermarkets. You can choose a model on wheels or with a handle - it is more convenient to serve so conveniently to serve manually.

Thai baskets attract the attention of fruit lovers among airport workers - content observed in an opaque package or flash container movie.

Universally sold already packed in the basket sets of fruits for transport, so take when there is no time to shop and package.

Which fruits cannot be taken out?

From Thailand, Vietnam and China are strictly forbidden to export durian. Durian has a very strong, unpleasant and persistent odor.

You obviously haven't tried this fruit if you're wondering why it's impossible to export durian from Thailand. Its caustic and terribly unpleasant odor is impossible to kill, and it lasts for several days.

We also don't recommend taking coconuts and watermelons with them (whole). The thick coconut skin does not move from the scanner and the bag falls on the inspection where the coconut can be confiscated or opened and watermelons can explode in flight due to high pressure. You can take a watermelon slice if you really want to, but it quickly deteriorates in the heat.

How to take durian from Thailand

As they say when it's impossible, but I really want ...

  1. we choose a little unfermented fruit, without dents, cracks and damage;
  2. wrap a couple of layers, alternating newspapers and a film, trying to achieve maximum tightness.
  3. packing in the container, the container is carefully palletized;
  4. put in a suitcase, we look at things;
  5. suitcase in the movie
  6. houses open carefully and better not in your apartment)

How much, I wanted to take with you: Lychee, Pophaid, Mangostin, Longan and many others. But at the time of the inspection at the airport, we run into a little problem. Overload!

Rules for the transportation of fruit in the baggage of airplanes:

  • Include the airline's baggage allowance and payment costs for each 1kg overload. In some countries the overload is "fabulous" and it is necessary to think "bunions" with you before carrying it.
  • Fruits have to be transported in special containers. Each container can be weighed in the airport to find out whether the weight is allowed. Typically the weight of the fruit container is around 5-6 kg.
  • Ask the fruit seller to pack each large fruit separately in special "meshes" for transportation (as the last resort plastic bags).

Also it all depends on the country from which you want to export the fruits. For example, imports from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, for example in Russia, have been banned since the beginning of 2015. Therefore, make sure that you indicate yourself, whether you are showing yourself off or experiencing. It does it in the list of "retirement" prohibited to Russia.

Fruit basket weight is normally set to 5 kg. This weight is billed for one person, including young children. What if you exceed these norms? You will be fined, you will pay for more cargo or simply omnant "valuable cargo".

Before the flight, passengers often have doubts: is it possible to take a meal on an airplane, if so, then in what volume and how to avoid seizures on landing. It is not easy to find out the nuances yourself.

In this advice we are going to look at the general rules and the most common private bans so that you do not have to attach the heart to the purchased products at the airport.

The carrier's rules, customs assistance (for international flights) and, in some cases, bans on air transport of individual products are distributed on the products in hand luggage.

The list of products allowed in the aircraft's luggage is much broader.Therefore, it will sometimes not hurt to direct "controversial" products into the luggage and not to pack them in the manual sting.

If you are flying the internal flight (do not cross national border countries), customs rules for your baggage do not apply.

However, airline rules and general restrictions on liquid products remain. Do not forget that the products are visible on board, that the dimensions and weight of the aircraft should fit into the norms of hand bagging. For example, in some cheap airlines the plane may only take lady handbag or business portfolio.

In this case, the volume of food is reduced: for quick snacks, it sounds like, for example, just take a chocolate chip or a sack with nuts.

If you are making a flight between countries, including transfers, then the items and products you transport are covered by individual customs requirements.

Please note: Before traveling, it is necessary to read not only the rules of customs of the Russian Federation (on export and import), but also the requirements of the customs of the country of destination, as well as the country in which you will make a transplant with customs control.

The customs rules are set by the countries and are often specific, they need to be taken into account and collect food on the trip and choose local tasty home transport.

Often, customs bans concern possible epidemiologically dangerous products that do not have factory packaging. So you need to remember that it is forbidden to import meat (including ready) and dairy products into the countries of the European Union: the measure is put in place to prevent the spread of infection.

US Customs does not miss most of the agricultural products and goods from other countries, namely: meat in some form, eggs, dairy products, fish and unknown caviar, a number of vegetables and fruits. From Vietnam you can not export fish sauce whip mothers (and pronounce soolles domestic flights), from Finland - Storgeon caviar.

A number of special restrictions are introduced so that passengers are not disturbed. In part, therefore, on board and in luggage, it is forbidden to carry durian with a certain and unpleasant smell for many people. However, this does not apply to dried fruits and chips from durian.

Follow the news: it is impossible to import podarantic crop and animal husbandry products. Vegetables and fruits, greens, dry grass, tea and nuts may fall under temporary bans. Restrictions on the import of meat products in Russia: up to 5 kg and only in factory packaging.

Individuals, peeling products in small quantities, for their own consumption, do not affect the modified customs requirements due to the products of the embargo. In the luggage you can bring cheese and sausages from Europe in small quantities without fear (separate restrictions are added in hand baggas - it is impossible to use soft cheeses), fruits and vegetables, Polish apples can be taken in the manual sting.

If the fish is carried by hand, do not forget to pack it carefully so that there is no odor. Caviar in handcrafted bags for liquid restrictions.

For their own peace of mind before leaving abroad, it will not hurt to contact the official source - the location of the Federal Customs Service. FCS hot line (reference): +7 (499) 449-7771.

Conventional products from the service can be opened and opened on board. With liquids and liquid products purchased on-service, it is important to keep several points in mind.

  • When flying from the EU, Russia, Canada, Singapore, the USA, the Kuala Lampur and some other countries, they are allowed to connect liquid products, alcoholic beverages and perfumes from the duty shop to Free Airport Departure. Make sure you are fully sealed in the store package. If a transplant is envisaged, liquid goods cannot be opened prior to arriving at the end member.
  • When transplanting at the airport of one of the EU countries and gels that have been released at customs outside the EU, fall under the general rules of air transport.

According to the rules of air transport, the liquids include a wide range of products with which it will not harm, to get to know each other in advance. The list contains.

Accordingly, in hand-made packages, such products must be packed according to the general rules of liquid transport: each product should be in a package of no more than 100 ml (weight can be greater, the limit - by volume), such packages should not be more than 10 and all in a transparent package on the clasp.

Let's explain in the example of jam: in the manual you can take a jar with a volume not exceeding 100 ml, it is additionally necessary to pack it with other tanks in a transparent package of up to 1 l, as well as cosmetics and Medication.

The volume of metal tanks and cans is also important: customs officers at the airport can pay banks with coffee, biscuits or tea, and even on empty jugs in a backpack. How can you get fruit in the hold of the plane, Minsk? In order not to have any additional questions, the mass-produced products in durable gift packages are better in the luggage, and in manual routing, only take food in soft packaging.

The problem is relevant in the flights of Looking flights or through promotional tariffs where there is no free food. Allergies are in a special position: not all companies offer the special menus, while with them you can accept the required products on the plane.

As a rule, the flights without meals are short-term, up to 3 hours, so it is enough to enter a rucksack or bag of dry ducks or sandwiches after completing the list of prohibited products. It is suitable: a mixture of nuts and dried fruits, chocolate and bar, crackers, fruits. Do not forget that raw materials and fruit puree fall into the category of liquids and must be packed.

Do not forget to cut in advance the products (vegetables, fruits, bread) that you will eat on board or during the transplant, as the knife is prohibited in the handmade bag.

On-board baby food standards are set by airlines. As a rule, food and drinks for children under two years of age do not fall under the general restrictions on liquids and are indicated separately in the list - they can be carried out in full, which is necessary for the entire flight, taking into account transfers. At the request of passengers, flight attendants can warm up milk or baby food.

In flight, you can take a glass with baby food, drinks, milk mix, universal snack products (fresh or dried fruit, nuts, crackers). If a transplant is planned, there is a plan to put additional foods in the manual.

Planning a product for children with you, calculate the volume of food and drink as air carriers also offer baby food. For example, Aeroflot On flights offers flight durations of more than 3 hours to passengers with preschoolers Get meals at a convenient time for them. You need to order baby food in advance on board: on the ticket purchase or 24-36 hours before departure by calling the airline's service.

Network codes: Infant (for children up to two years) - BBML, Baby (for children from two or three to 10-12 years) - CHML.

If there is a need to carry out several baby food jackets on the plane (with a reserve for several days), you need to clarify this opportunity for the carrier in advance. The glasses can be handed over in a baggage, in which case you must warn the reception that the baggage is fragile so that the suitcase marks the special day.

Summing up the above, let's define what products you can safely take in the manual sting, and what is desirable to get in the luggage. You can take the plane, though.

  • The product is not included in the list of prohibited customs (only for international flights).
  • The product is not on the airline's list of restrictions (and the airline allows free proclars);
  • Liquid product: not opened, has a hermetic factory packaging of up to 100 ml, the maximum number of such tanks with food is up to 10 pieces;
  • Prospecting products (including liquids in containers larger than 100 ml) are intended for children up to two years of age;
  • In terms of dimensions and weight, the transportation is in line with the airline's requirements for handcrafted bags.

How to transport fruit on an airplane

The law prohibiting the transportation of fruit on airplanes in the country in the country is therefore not the final decision for airlines. Since their rules are also not directly forbidden by their rules, in theory you can learn the suitcase with apples to at least go up, and the handmade pears, no one will tell you anything. The main thing is that there was no excess of the Robel weights.

Why theoretically? Because the pear apples are one thing And let's say grapes that turn into juice thanks to the loaders and color the luggage of other passengers - a little different. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the preservation of the fruits so that they are neither the smell, or the state did not cause any inconvenience to your fellow travelers. It is best to use special plastic containers with a tight lid.

But everything is a bit more complicated here, because in addition to the rules of the airline, the customs legislation comes into force. It should be found with the rules for the export and import of fruits in the countries of departure and arrival. Problems with exporting rarely arise, but importing the country is more cautious.

So things are according to the law. When did you check your luggage on arrival in the practice? Customs officials refer to this very loyal Since it was the reason for the prevailing opinion, as if you could unhindered to import fruit. In fact, it all depends on luck, to carry a delicacy, you will be at your own risk.

You can, but again there are limitations. The airline rules are not forbidden to ingest fruit in the manual sting as it falls into the "food" category. But! Food on board is allowed to carry as much as you can need the flight. So, soon with the maracuy, you will most likely get picked up, but you can't pay attention to a few kilograms.

How to take fruits from Thailand

Thailand is one of the most amazing and exotic countries. There are all unusual and original: people, customs, transport, sea, tranquility. This is a land of contrast - fabulous, Buddhist Buddhist temples, and practically out of civilization-poor neighborhoods, modern supermarkets and traditional markets, unusual beauty beaches and noisy streets.

And this is where the fever begins. Shops and stores attract a wide variety of cheap bullets, from buying which is difficult to refuse as you remember all it takes to give these treasures. When all the souvenirs on the packages have decomposed, the long-awaited minute break comes and the thought immediately flies on: "Guava, mango, papaya, mango stone, durian, langsat, longan, lichi, carom, rambutan, vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, nicotinic acid. That can surprise, please, extend the vacation of a lifetime. "But how do you ingest fruit from Thailand?

This question worries anyone who has spent at least a day in an amazing land of sun and smile. Of course, I want to bring these fruits that are unlikely to appear on the shelves of our stores. For example, mango stone, covered with a dark purple peel, under which the delicate sweet pulp or already washed with legends, is the owner of the most extraordinary and fetid smell.

Since the fruit is needed in the air, the container must be breathable - with holes. So that they do not remember and do not deteriorate along the way, choose a somewhat misunderstood one. Wrap them in paper napkins (newspaper, paper) and fold them neatly into the container. We remind you that on the bottom there was the largest and dense fruit, then medium, and upstairs soft and small. Since it is possible that the luggage will not appear right at all, pulling the tape case open suddenly opens.

Many tourists believe that sending fruit in a container is a big risk. Fruits disappear somewhere during the flight or they are confiscated at customs. Therefore, the most reliable is to add them to the suitcase. Part of the things we send to the manual sting. Another part is shifted by layers in the suitcase of the Thai gardens.

The main task is to take durian out of Thailand. Requirements for the fetus: unworthy, without damage (cracks, dents), solid. Durian wrap in several layers of paper, alternating them with cellophane packs alternating. Fold in the container, wrap it several times with a cellophane ribbon and fix the scotch. After carefully "sealing a container in a suitcase, set it up with the things. The suitcase thoroughly clogs cellophane. A few hours without a provocative odor you are guaranteed, and there is already a house."

Baggage and hand baggage standards on Aeroflot flights

Every year in the field of flights there are changes in the size and weight of baggage allowance. In order to know what bags and suitcases to take with you, you need to get acquainted in advance with all the requirements for the largest Russian airlines. Luggage. One of these airlines is Aeroflot. Let's try to find out what standards of luggage Aeroflot adopts in the year.

At the beginning of the year, passengers had a wave of changes related to new baggage handling rules: the testing system of bags and a suitcase became more serious, and also changed the requirements for handmade sizes. According to experts, such changes are related to the admission large number of complaints about the lack of space among personal effects on board the aircraft.

  1. Preliminary approval with the airline. If the passenger is required to carry a pet, they must inform the airline's representatives in advance. The application of the passenger to the transport of the animal is considered within 1-2 days, after which the airline can make its decision.
  2. Supplement for transporting PET. The final cost will depend on the direction and duration of the flight. On foreign flights it is about 75 euros, and on flights in Russia - about 4 thousand rubles.

If the dimensions, weight or number of luggage racks exceed the established standard for luggage in Aeroflot, the passenger will have to pay extra for transport on board the aircraft. Aeroflot sets the following tariffs for additional, large baggage.

There is not only standard, total baggage, which emerged when the passenger was registered on board, but also so-called non-standard baggage. TOO Oversized Luggage Below, whose weight is from 32 kilograms to 50 kilograms, the size exceeds 203 cm over the sum of three dimensions.

Reply: These are the names that show how many suitcases can be carried. Rs is a diminution of the English piece that literally means "thing". So 1 piece is 1 luggage space that a citizen can pass into the luggage compartment.

  1. Contact the search service staff in the arrivals area.
  2. Write an instruction to that effect.
  3. Track the status of the search. The search box is assigned a specific number that allows you to follow the process of finding baggage. You can track the search in a dedicated section on the Aeroflot website.

The waning baggage Aeroflot representative is allowed within 21 days. The baggage found should be delivered to the customer by the airline's staff. If the baggage was not found, the passenger could present the airline's written claims and request compensation for damage and payment of monetary compensation.

I'm flying from Miami to the MC. I have a shop, there are two bags of 32 kg. I also have a silver card - the right to another baggage weighing 23 kg. But my weight got 5 kg more. How much will i pay Maybe it will be more profitable for me not to pay for the benefit And do you take another baggage and frighten you for it?

In May I flew from Sheremetyevo to Los Angeles S-Tom Aeroflot for a total of 4 kg with 9900 rubles. And if I took the second suitcase 23 kg, I would only pay 7200 rubles
Since the tariff for the Ottis appears from the norm 23 kg to 32 kg, there is a certain amount of 125 dollars for a separate place weighing 23 kg to 100 dollars. It is better to take another 1 suitcase right away.

Good day. I will fly from ADLER to Moscow on July 12th, in SU6174. The question is if I can take myself to the cabin of the plane in the form of a handmade basket of hotels (solid products: nuts, sweets, etc.). And another bag that passes on the dimensions of your tariffs. Thanks in advance

Good day. I'm flying from Barcelona to Yekaterinburg on August 20th. Transfer in Moscow with change of airport. Please tell me
Do I have to take luggage?
I would like to pay for an additional baggage scene.
Is it possible to do this at Barcelona Airport? Do I have to pay a second time for another location on a flight from Moscow to Ekaterinburg? thanks

Good day. Whether the passenger is 7.5 years distributed, on the purchased ticket By plane (Airline Aeroflot) departure from mineral water to Moscow, norms free transport luggage, d. H. 1 place weighing no more than 23 kg, and manual sting - no more than 10 kg. thanks

Good day! Please tell me, where can I find the rules for transporting images? I have a daughter artist schedule. Previously she carried a folder with them (they are not a standard size), But now they should go in the luggage. What is the guarantee that they will reach in good condition? Maybe it is being judged ... and couldn't find any information about transporting paintings within With glass ... Help, please with information!

Hello, flying from the Aeroflot flight to Copenhagen in December. Is it possible to have melted raw materials in your luggage, Suluguni cheese, condensed milk, green tea in vacuum packaging, herring in a glass, smoked sausage, sweet sweets, smoked meat in the shopping package? Thanks.

I'm flying from Tyumen to Moscow and back. Aeroflot. Can I carry a liquid in the handmade bag: a shower gel and cream - each bottle of about * with no more than 50 ml in the amount of a total of fewer liters. Among them in the form of an aerosol. Foam for hair styles, bottle capacity of more than 150 ml in the form of an aerosol?