What are the free money making apps

Earn money with apps

It almost sounds too good to be true: Make money with apps, ideally while lying comfortably on the couch and doing nothing - that is possible. Admittedly, you won't get rich with it, but if you use it enough, it can result in a pleasant additional income. The higher income can help escape the debt trap.

For some time now, it has been possible to earn money on the Internet with surveys, micro jobs, cashback systems or the sharing economy. In this post we will show you different Apps + download linkwith which you can make money quickly and online.

These are the options at a glance:

Survey apps

Your opinion counts - and is paid for! Surveys are one of the most popular ways to earn money with apps. This is the paid participation in market research and it will ask about your preferences or your opinion on a particular topic.

The surveys can only take a few minutes - or they can take a long time. You will be remunerated depending on the effort. From a certain monetary value, the corresponding amount is paid out - either in the form of a transfer or credit. Apps for making money with surveys are Mobrog (iOS and Android) or the Google survey app, which is also available for iOS and Android. Another option is the Nielsen Mobile Panel.

Nielsen Mobile Panel

This is a global market research company, that uses software to report mobile data. To start making money, all you have to do is download the app - and that's it - and then continue using the device as usual. The panel software is invisible and does not affect the performance of your mobile device.

If you have concerns about data security: The company does not record user IDs, passwords or the content of your communications.

Good to know

You can take part in the Nielsen Mobile Panel with up to 5 devices (Apple, Android and Kindle) and earn EUR 35 per device. With the first tip you can secure yourself 175, - EUR per year. To the app


Earn money with apps without any effort? The Slidejoy and Fronto apps make this possible. Both are only for Android available. After registration, you will receive advertising tailored to your interests after unlocking the screen.

The advantage: It doesn't matter whether you watch the advertisement or forego it - you get paid for every advertisement.

This can be paid out in the form of vouchers or exchanged for vouchers. So all you have to do is use the phone as usual.

Micro jobs

Streetbees, Streetspotr, AppJobber and Roamler

These are four different apps, all of which are tied to the “real world”. This gives you micro jobs, i.e. small jobs that you can carry out as you wish.

All apps have the same concept in common: You receive a list that you work through gradually and thus carry out jobs for companies.

For example, it is a matter of finding out where the company's products are placed, finding out opening times of certain restaurants or giving reviews for purchases. The remuneration is based on the workload and is validated after a few working days. So if you like to be on the go and want to fulfill orders, you can even earn a few hundred euros per month with the above apps.

flea market

In every household there are clothes, technical devices or other items that we no longer need but still have value. Years ago we had to drag them to the flea market to earn money - today there are apps for that.

In less than 30 seconds it is possible to upload the product with an appealing picture, the corresponding category and a price. Payment is made quickly and securely via PayPal. For clothes & accessories we recommend the Second-hand platform Vintedwhich is available for both Android and iOS. It is worthwhile for other items Shpock - means something like "Shop in your pocket" and is also available for iOS and Android. So save yourself the trip to the flea market and conveniently use the apps listed above to earn money.


In the following, we present two apps from the Cashback category that you can use to earn money. The cashback principle works as follows: If you use one of the apps listed below to make a purchase in one of more than 1,500 partner shops done, receives a commission. So if you like to shop online anyway, you shouldn't miss this opportunity.

The most popular apps based on this principle include iGraal (iOS + Android) and cashback (iOS and Android).


This app is based on the cashback principle and besides making money, you can save money on purchases. If you make online purchases in cooperating shops via the app, you will receive a commission. There are currently more than 1600 shops available and from a collected monetary value of EUR 20, you can have the credit paid out via PayPal.

Sharing economy

The sharing economy is a new way to make money. There are several apps here that can be used to earn money online, which we will explain in more detail below.

These are:

Uber & Blablacar

Uber and Blablacar are quite well-known apps. Uber is an affordable alternative for taxi rides within cities, while Blablacar is the largest ridesharing community in the world. Over is particularly suitable for people who like to drive and want to earn one or two euros in addition. The company naturally charges a commission of around 25% on the fare.

iOS and Google Play

Blablacar is less suitable for making money, but more suitable for sharing the costs. For example, if you are driving from Berlin to Munich and there is still space in the car, you can use the portal to offer the seats that are still available for a price that you specify.

This is not only sustainable, but also relieves you financially, as you can use the money to cover the costs of gasoline. iOS and Google Play


Probably the best-known app from the sharing economy is Airbnb, a community marketplace for booking and renting accommodation. So if you have the luxury and have an empty apartment or just an empty room in the apartment, you can rent it out to tourists or travelers! In contrast to Uber, the commission is much lower at 3%.

iOS and Google Play

Other apps

Adobe Stock

Hobby photographers take note! If you enjoy taking pictures and get good shots at the same time, there is a good source of income, namely Adobe Stock. You can use this app to upload and sell photos or videos (from your smartphone) that you have taken yourself - there is a commission for every sale.

The amount for a picture is usually less than one euro, but if it is a good picture and is downloaded several times, it can develop into a profitable source of income. The app is therefore worthwhile for all hobby photographers who would like to share their pictures anyway and would like to earn some money on top of that.

Cash quizz

There is also something for the know-it-all among us! Are you a fan of quiz formats such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Then Cashquizz is the right app for you - and a fun way to make money.

A user has the chance to win up to 100 euros every day! How it works?

Whoever has the most correct answers out of a total of 12 questions in the daily quiz will receive the prize money. If several players have the same result, the prize money will be divided among the winners. You can also challenge friends to a duel, collect points and exchange them for vouchers.

iOS and Google Play


While the possibilities of making money on the Internet used to be very limited, there are now numerous apps that smartphone users can use.

Admittedly, you don't get rich using these apps - but there is the possibility of earning one or two euros that makes the difference.

Questions about making money with apps

How can you make money with apps?

There are different ways and apps that can be used to make money: survey apps, advertising, flea market apps, micro jobs and cashback.

How much money can you make with apps?

Of course, that depends on which app you're using - and how much. You will not get rich with it, but there is the possibility of making a few hundred euros per month.

Which apps can be used to make the most money?

With apps from the category "Sharing Economy" - So Uber and Airbnb. For Uber, you need a driver's license and ideally your own car, whereas with Airbnb you need a free room in your apartment.

Whether participating in surveys and studies, completing small orders or, in the best case, using your own talent - if you need money quickly or have to overcome a financial bottleneck, there are numerous ways to do this from the comfort of the couch.