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Offline games for free: the best apps for Android & iPhone

If during the train ride, on vacation or in the doctor's waiting room: Thanks to your smartphone or tablet, you have yours Games collection always with you and can be so too pass the time with it on the go. However, many require apps a permanent internet connection, and especially abroad you often come across them Data volume limits. Fortunately, there are also a number of games that you can use after downloading without access to the networkplay can. In this post we introduce you to the best free offline games for iOS and Android in front.

  • On Google Play and in the Apple Store you will find numerous free games that you can also play great offline.
  • Addicting fun doesn't always have to be expensive; there are also numerous free games that work without the Internet.
  • There is a large selection of building games, role-playing games or card games, in which there is just the right thing for every taste.


1. Free offline games for Android and iPhone

In this section we have the best offline games for mobile phones from various genres collected for you.

1.1. Dumb Ways to Die

In the app "Dumb Ways to Die“The name says it all. The main protagonists of the game are beansdoing that in every imaginable way lose their life. They will be eaten, poisoned, drowned or become grilled by electric shocks. Only with the help of a skilled player can the dying of vegetables must be stopped.

"Dumb Ways to Die" was originally a cartoon bean safety campaign launched by the Melbourne, Australia Underground Company. That's where it came from in the past often to accidents and even fatalitiesbecause people were simply too close to the tracks. In 2012 a music video was created that is now on YouTube received more than 179 million views can.

In the 25 mini-games you only have seconds to save yourself from dangerous situations.

The app exists from more than 25 mini-games, where the player rescue from life-threatening situations got to. Sometimes it's about getting a kidney transplant correctly, while in another game you have to to save an astronaut from a meteorite. You only have one at a time for this a few seconds. If your bean dies three times in a row, it's game over. The tasks will be more demanding from lap to lap and the time runs faster, which increases the level of difficulty even more.

This attempt really went wrong.

The so-called "Daily challenges“(Small levels that are only available for one day) take care of that Variety in everyday gaming, besides, the tasks are always adapted to the respective season. Via the menu item "Built a bean“You also have the option of assembling an individual bean.

"Dumb Ways to Die" is a "Free2Play “gamewhere you additional accessories or levels in exchange for game coins (which in turn can be exchanged for real money). The game is currently available not yet in Germanwhich is why you have to be content with the English version. Since the Mini-games, however, are quite self-explanatory should be not too much of an obstacle represent.

1.2. Jetpack joyride

Slip into the fun arcade game "Jetpack Joyride" in the role of the unsuccessful gramophone seller Barry, the with the help of a jetpack floating through a laboratory and being there collect as many coins as possible got to. For this you have to pass him on various obstacles, such as Laser beams, missiles or high voltage power lines, maneuver past.

Skillfully avoid the enemy projectiles by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the display.

The Control of the game isvery easy and intuitive: Touch the screen to make Barry rise. The harder you press, the higher it flies. If you have the Take your finger off the displayit sinks lower again.

In addition to the actual jetpack, you also have a whole range of extravagant special vehicles available (hidden in power-ups) with which you can temporarily move around and cover a good distance can. You must also do this during your mission Cope with various tasks on a regular basis. The game is over when the laser, rocket, or electric kills you overtook the third time Has.

At the end of the game, you can invest the coins you have collected in new jetpacks, tools or cool clothes.

The You then invest the cash you have collected in new jetpacks, clothes, tools, Vehicle upgrades or gadgets. Every now and then you will dive on your way too big chips on the marked with an X. are. You can sink these into a slot machine after you passed away and at the same time useful items or coins dust off.

Good to know: "Jetpack Joyride" is developed by "Halfbrick Studios", from whose pen well-known games such as "Fruit Ninja" or "Dan the Man" originate.

1.3. Fury turn

"Fury Turn" is a turn-based puzzle shooter, in which after a nuclear accident still numerous scientists locked in a research laboratory are. You must protect them from eaten by radioactive soda monsters to become. The game currently offers 23 levels (more are planned according to the developer), which played through one after the other become. So that it doesn't get boring, there is a "Daily Challenge“Where you have to perform additional tasks.

"Fury Turn" works with a classic top-down 2D view in which you can either by swipe or via a D-Pad button (for example via an external controller) moved through the research center. On your way you have to move boxes, recharge or recharge batteries his way with the help of a pump gun shoot free. In between you devour Loads of burgersbecause after all, you must too during your mission stay strong.

If nothing works at all, the use of a pump gun in Fury Turn often provides a remedy.

There is also a small in-app store, by six more characters can acquire. Do you want to play without annoying ads and unlock all checkpoints in the game directly, you can via an in-app purchase to do. At 3.49 euros, this is still within a manageable range.

1.4. CSR Racing 2

You drive in the free racing game "CSR Racing 2" exciting drag car challenges with groundbreaking graphics that are almost reaches console level. Overall, you stand for it 50 different licensed vehicles available including well-known manufacturers likeFerrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti or Koenigsegg.

Your car tune according to your taste: You have the choice between numerous optical and performance adjustments. Lend your vehicle, for example, with foils and stickers a unique look or miss him a set of individual license plates. This is how you keep Your reputation on the road.

Under the hood screw on the gearbox and the nitro timing or get the maximum out of the turbo. When it comes to controls, timing is the most important thing in CSR Racing 2: touch the screen at the right time to switch in the optimal range. By the way, you don't have to steer your car yourselfthe game will do this for you automatically.

Tip: A special highlight in CSR Racing 2 are the drag races against other (human) players. To use this mode, however, you need to be connected to the Internet.

CSR Racing 2 itself is free, but you can find it in the shop numerous packages (e.g. for special vehicles), the you buy with your winning prizes can. But if that takes too long for you, you can too Exchange real money for the game currency.

1.5. Unkilled

In the first person shooter "Unkilled" you fight as Hero against a zombie apocalypse in New York City. You can do it choose from 6 different characters, all members of an anti-zombie squad whose goal is to eliminate all undead before the invasion spill over to the rest of the world can. The developer of the game is the studio "Madfinger Games", from which the well-known game "Dead Trigger" originates.

At the beginning of the game you choose your hero for the upcoming mission.

The controls are very intuitive and perfectly designed for touch operation. Shooting takes place automatically as soon as the Focus on a zombie lies. Thanks one interactive tutorials get to know them in detail when you start them for the first time. You can then start right away with the first order.

Overall, "Unkilled" offers 50 different weapons and300 missionsduring which you collect money for more equipment and accessories to buy. If you complete a task particularly well, there is a reward for it additional rewards.

How common in most first-person shooters, at some point your stamina will decrease or you will on your way injured in an attack. The Regeneration unfortunately takes a long time in "Unkilled"That means you have to either wait until you can continue playing, or you invest in an app purchase, to speed up the process. Please note, however, that these cost more than 50 euros in this case can get really expensive!

Be vigilant because the zombies hide in even the most unusual places.

As Single player you can play “Unkilled” offline for the Multiplayer mode you need, however an Internet or WLAN connection.

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Offline games for free: the best apps for Android & iPhone
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