Do you have to eat a sandwich?

Can You Eat Sandwich When Pregnant?

What a pleasure to know that you are pregnant! A beautiful baby comes your life! But pregnancy isn't always a pleasure. There are many recommendations from doctors that the pregnancy will go well. When it comes to nutrition, it is often difficult to know which foods are safe for the baby. Can we eat sandwiches when pregnant? We take the risks associated with the ingredients in Sandwiches one so you know if you can eat sandwich while pregnant.

Can we eat sandwiches when we are pregnant?

It happens during a drive, a meal break, or one PicnicsWanting to eat sandwich when pregnant. But is it safe to eat sandwiches when you are pregnant? Most sandwiches are safe for the baby. But there are a few recommendations that are important to know in order to decide whether or not to buy a sandwich while pregnant.

What should you check to know if you can eat sandwich while pregnant?

In order to eat sandwich during pregnancy without risking the baby, you need to check the ingredients of the sandwich. The main risks are in the areas of toxoplasmosis, listeriosis and salmonella.

Eat sandwich while pregnant and mayonnaise.

The industrial mayonnaise in sandwiches is risk-free. The industrial sandwich contains only industrial mayonnaise, so the sandwich is safe to eat while pregnant.
Homemade mayonnaise or bakery can be made from fresh eggs. Raw eggs used in mayonnaise are a risk for transmission Salmonella. Salmonella are bacteria that are found in eggs that are not fresh. It is not advisable to have a sandwich homemade mayonnaise to eat that you haven't made yourself. So ask what type of mayonnaise your sandwich was made with.

Is It Risky To Eat Egg Sandwich When Pregnant?

If you decide to eat sandwich and you are pregnant and it contains hard boiled eggs, you can refer to our article "Can I eat hard boiled eggs?"

Vegetable or salad sandwiches during pregnancy

This paragraph is important for pregnant women who are not immune to toxoplasmosis. If you plan to eat sandwich while pregnant and it contains vegetables or lettuce, be sure to check that the vegetables have been cleaned.
At Bakery sandwiches or subway sandwiches you're not sure the veggies have been washed properly so avoid them. Otherwise, go for sandwiches with boiled vegetables like peppers and boiled onions.
The Sodebo sandwich, the triangular sandwich or the supermarket sandwich have washed vegetables, so there is no risk. So choose industrial or homemade sandwiches where the vegetables have been washed well.

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Seafood sandwiches during pregnancy

If you plan to eat sandwich while pregnant, check to see if it contains fish or seafood or not.
Whenever a sandwich has tuna, salmon, crab, or surimi in it, it's important to check that it's safe to eat.
The tuna sandwich is made from canned tuna, which is safe for pregnancy.
A sandwich with cooked Crab meat is allowed during pregnancy. There is no risk of listeriosis transmission as this seafood to be cooked. However, it is not advisable to eat surimi sandwiches.
Smoked salmon sandwich is not recommended during pregnancy. Smoked salmon can transmit listeriosis or toxoplasmosis, two diseases that can cause problems for babies.


Any cooked meat sandwich is allowed, except giblets. Eating meat products is not advisable, so let's forget about the salami sandwich, raw ham sandwich, rillette sandwich, or pie sandwich.
The cooked Ham sandwich is allowed as the meat is cooked.


Eating sandwiches when pregnant is allowed, but watch out for butter. It is legal to eat butter when pregnant, but it must be made with pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk butter is the most common, so don't worry.

Cheese and sandwich in pregnancy

You can eat sandwich while pregnant, but it may contain cheese. Prohibited cheeses are the cheeses that are not pasteurized (e.g. Camembert), blue cheeses (Roquefort). The permitted ones are hard cheeses.

Look for the cheese in the sandwich on our search engine to see if it's allowed.


Usually, you can eat industrially made sandwiches without any risk during your pregnancy. You can also have your own homemade sandwich after knowing what is and what is not allowed. When buying a sandwich from the bakery, it's best to avoid the sausage, mayo, and raw veggie sandwiches. So it's best to have a simple ham and cheese sandwich, chicken mayo sandwich, tuna mayo sandwich.
You can eat sandwich safely during pregnancy.