Is there anything useful

Translation for "something useful" in English

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I'm going something useful do with it.
My wife should something useful Obtain.
I'll get in touch if I should something useful Find.
Some programasnão discuss bad things but are characterized by the addition of not something useful to our life.
Some programasnão discuss bad things, but excel by not adding anything useful to our lives.
I want to be here something useful to do.
And you might also find it by accident something useful.
While you can turn compliments something useful happen.
Come on, Tess, you have to something useful to have.
But if someone something useful contributes, everyone wins.
Men at least see UFOs something useful for humanity.
I hope you got mine something useful to say Cal.
It sure wasn't much, but at least I did something useful done.
For once, would you something useful do with it?
Or I could just torture you until you something useful of you give.
Every time we meet, Monsieur Kettering, I learn something useful.
If you something useful want to do, operate the cat man.
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