Can superfoods save you

Leave me alone with your stupid superfoods!

Are you still eating or are you already feeding yourself? The new food trends can be heavy in the stomach: Chia seeds look like frog spawn and smoohies with kohlrabia just don't taste good. And now also "raw water"?
Karina Lübke writes here

Maybe I'm a natural wonder, because I grew up healthy to a length of 175 centimeters without eating a single avocado, which has now replaced bread, butter and milk as staple foods. We didn't have papayas, sweet potatoes, mangoes or matcha on the menu. Infections healed without ginger shots or turmeric, and no one fermented kombucha. We ate from plates, not from food bowls, recently called “bowls”. Food should fill you up and taste great; It didn't have to be superfood.

Food is the theme of every meal

Today it's not just food bloggers vying to rediscover the strangest and most expensive ingredients. Of course, you no longer make simple food out of it, but heal your body and mind or at least use it to furnish the shelves of your private show kitchen. There is hardly any boiling or chewing in it, only cold-pressed, mixed and swallowed. I'm afraid evolution will do without teeth in hipsters in the future: they will only be used for bleaching and bleaching before you childishly suckle your apple, spinach and coconut water smoothie. I am disgusted with this indefinable mush. I also find “pudding” made from slimy chia seeds as appetizing as frog spawn.

And the meaning of cabbage seems totally bloated to me, no matter what language it is supposed to be made palatable to me: "Kale is a star among the vegetables!", Cheers the nutrition portal "eatclever". Aha, a VIV - Very Important Vegetable. At least it is true that healthy eating has become a terrible theater: There are fixed sizes in the ensemble that enhance every recipe - broccoli for example. Complicated characters like hemp seeds and coconut water take on smaller appearances. Eggs find themselves in the role of the scandalous noodle - loved by everyone, incredibly changeable, but with a thoroughly unhealthy side. As pathological germ friends, sprouts have failed the audience since Ehec's appearance.

Water from the crane is out

I find it hard to digest suddenly having to listen to so much about the trend organ gut. Over espresso after dinner, I don't want to hear about the coffee enema propagated by Gwyneth Paltrow. Guys who make their gut feelings a topic of conversation are ruled out for me. I mourn them with the greatest shock: I have been drinking water from the tap all my life. My father was a geohydrologist for waterworks and always proud that drinking water is one of the best monitored foods in Germany, the purity of which can only be tarnished by old pipes in the house.

But now the latest wave from hippie California is spilling over: "Raw Water", untreated water - is bottled in public rivers and advertised to be free of fluorine and chlorine. Fully alive and organic! However, these are also faecal germs. The $ 31 bottles are always sold out: at least this trend is likely to die out.