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This is what you should definitely know about mesotherapy


As we age, we no longer worry about pimples or blemishes. Because usually by the age of 35 the hormones have calmed down and the complexion is free of unsightly redness and painful pustules. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that we can say goodbye to all skin problems. No, our old complaints are being replaced by others. After a certain age we have to deal with a wrinkled and sagging face. Because from the age of 25, important processes that give the skin its youthful glow slow down. This may not be immediately noticeable at this young age, but gradually the skin changes. It becomes uneven and pale in many cases. Dryness and wrinkles are the most annoying skin problems right now.

Often expensive creams and serums are supposed to help. However, since these often do not really work or only slightly soften the appearance of wrinkles and lines with constant use, the results are not always as expected. So if you want longer-lasting effects, then you can usually not avoid a cosmetic procedure. The most common and best known method is clearly Botox. Everyone at least feels that they can iron out annoying wrinkles with this neurotoxin. But this treatment, in which a fine needle injects the active ingredient into the skin, has not been the only one on the rejuvenation heaven for a long time. For some years now, hyaluronic acid has also been added to botox. But now these two anti-aging methods have to give way to mesotherapy. Because this new form of treatment is whirling up the rejuvenation world. Unfortunately, many people do not even know about mesotherapy. This innovative treatment offers a number of advantages for various parts of the body and not just for the face.

In order to bring you a little closer to mesotherapy, I have put together the most important facts for you. If you are also interested in making your wrinkles and lines disappear or if you simply want to find out more about new developments in dermatology, then you have come to the right place.

Mesotherapy- the most important facts

In dermatology, aesthetic mesotherapies are treatments that ensure smooth and young skin. It can be applied to different areas of the body. With this innovative method, you can remove wrinkles and lines from your face, décolleté and the back of your hand quickly and in no time at all. Mesotherapy is also very suitable for treating the so-called orange peel or cellulite on the thighs.

The treatment developed by the French doctor Michel Pastor was first mentioned in 1958. Since then, it has been continuously developed and perfected, so that the method has now become established worldwide and is used to treat various diseases and concerns. For example, mesotherapy can be used to treat circulatory disorders, wound healing problems, sports injuries, overuse injuries, osteoarthritis, headaches and migraines, and immune deficiencies. Mesotherapy can also offer a good alternative to other treatments for sleep disorders, states of exhaustion and stress. Mesotherapy is also used in dentistry, for diseases of the gums or the gums, or in gynecology, for irritable bladder or female infertility. This shows how extremely versatile mesotherapy can be, because its uses are clearly not limited to dermatology.

Compared to lifting treatments, which require an operation, mesotherapy treatment is very gentle, as it does not require general anesthesia. It is relatively painless, but remains highly effective. The mesotherapy method is particularly suitable for treating small wrinkles and lines. However, if the wrinkles are more pronounced or are deeper in the skin, several sessions are required or mesotherapy must be supplemented by other types of treatment, as these cannot be treated quite as effectively with one mesotherapy session. For smaller wrinkles it is definitely worthwhile to undergo a mesotherapy treatment, because after the treatment the skin looks more even, smoother and also appears fresher and younger.

To achieve these results you should only entrust a specialist such as a doctor or a trained alternative practitioner. Because he knows exactly where to put the syringe in order not to damage the skin or get unsightly results.

Mesotherapy can be a very good alternative for many who are not a fan of Botox and the relatively rigid appearance that is unfortunately often obtained after treatment with this neurotoxin. No nerve toxins are used in this treatment, so a treatment with mesotherapy ensures a particularly natural result, with which the skin shines full of freshness.

Mesotherapy - the gentle lifting

As already mentioned, mesotherapy is a particularly gentle method of treating wrinkles and lines. Because the treatment takes place without general anesthesia and can be carried out during an inpatient stay. All you need is a special cream to numb the skin to ensure that the treatment is painless.

In a mesotherapy treatment, special active ingredients such as uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, co-enzymes, vitamins and amino acids are used. The various active ingredients are put together individually and reinforce and complement each other. These anti-aging boosters are injected into the middle layer of the skin using a very fine needle at specific acupuncture and reaction points. This method gives the treatment its name, because meso means “medium”. Due to the extremely small microneedles, this anti-aging therapy is somewhat reminiscent of a traditional acupuncture treatment.

Once the active ingredients are in the skin, they can develop their full effect. Because after the substances have been injected into the skin, skin deposits are created that gradually release the active ingredients. This makes mesotherapy a very quick and effective method of fighting wrinkles. Because at the same time a lasting effect is guaranteed. From the middle view of the skin, they stimulate the regeneration and metabolism of the cells from within. Anti-inflammatory substances are also released. After the treatment, the blood circulation in the skin is also improved and is also better able to bind moisture. The substances that are injected into the skin also stimulate the body's own regeneration of elastic collagen and elastin fibers. After the mesotherapy treatment you can see a clear difference. Slack skin looks a lot firmer and smoother. A pale complexion is revitalized and appears much fresher and less tired. Drought is also banished. Thus, this innovative cosmetic treatment is extremely effective in combating the first signs of wrinkles and lines on the face. In some cases, mesotherapy treatment may be more effective at fighting wrinkles than botox treatment.

The active ingredients are injected into the skin just a few millimeters. So they only get directly into the diseased area and into the deeper structures such as muscles and tissue. On the other hand, they hardly get into the bloodstream. That makes mesotherapy very gentle. Because in addition to the safe implementation, there is also the fact that the active ingredients are only administered in very small doses. Thus, the organism is not unnecessarily burdened. This also means that if the treatment, as intended, is only carried out by trained alternative practitioners and doctors, there are hardly any complications or side effects. Furthermore, despite the use of injections, the treatment is relatively painless.

Mesotherapy- you should pay attention to that

As effective as mesotherapy may be at fighting wrinkles and lines, it is important to understand that it cannot work miracles. Because although you can look forward to smoother and more supple skin after the treatment, you cannot make deep-seated wrinkles disappear with a mesotherapy treatment. Furthermore, one session is usually not enough to achieve a good result. Rather, up to five sessions are usually necessary to get the best result. It should also be noted that a session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and costs around 400 euros. There must also be around six to eight weeks between sessions because the skin needs time to recover from the treatment. To keep the result fresh, the mesotherapy treatment can be repeated after six months. If necessary, it can also be supplemented with other anti-aging treatments, such as the well-known thread lifting, to get a firmer and smoother face.

Mesotherapy is an extremely effective and gentle method to combat small wrinkles and lines. Although it cannot work miracles with it, the skin appears smoother and more even after the treatment. The complexion looks a lot fresher and younger. Thanks to the fine needle that is used in the treatment, the procedure is relatively painless and otherwise very low-risk. So you can easily combine them with other anti-aging treatments and thus achieve the perfect result for yourself.

Do you already know mesotherapy? Or was that a completely new term for you? Are you curious or is this method of fighting wrinkles and lines not for you? Are you more of a fan of Botox or another type of treatment? What is your anti-aging routine like? Do you have any products or treatments that you always rely on? Are you even thinking about rejuvenation measures? Let me know in the comments. I am really looking forward to your answers and I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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