Why don't cockroaches die in the microwave

Human vs. cockroach | What cockroaches can do better than us

Cockroaches are one of the toughest things evolution has ever produced. They have been around for 350 million years. No ice age, no meteorite impact could ever harm them. Let's not kid ourselves: the critters will outlive us humans too. How do they do that?

How robust the animals are, describes Hannes Sprado, editor of the PM-Magazin, in his new book “Verressen, Schnell, Unkaputtbar”: “A German daily newspaper reported in its local section that a cockroach had been found on a pizza that was in the Microwave oven had been baked. The pizza was hot and crispy, the cockroach lively and unharmed. "

Crazy, and even if luck was involved: cockroaches are not easy to kill - and are vastly superior to us humans in many ways!

Here are a few more fascinating examples from Sprado:

Even so, there is one thing that quickly becomes deadly doom for any cockroach: cold.

Russian farmers, for example, have been taking advantage of this for centuries. They just leave the critters alone and wait until the relentless winter comes. If the temperatures are icy enough, one evening they simply open all the doors and windows and spend the night with their neighbors.

The next morning they return to their home, where the frozen cockroaches are lying around in the hundreds in the worst case, and push the mountains of corpses in front of the door with their brooms.

Which cockroaches live in Germany?

Cockroach is another name for cockroach, there are around 3500 different genera worldwide. Here, or in Europe, you will mainly find the German cockroach, the kitchen cockroach and the American cockroach. All other species hardly come into contact with humans, they live in seclusion in forests and are perceived as normal beetles.

If you encounter a cockroach during the day, it indicates a strong infestation. The animals actually try everything to avoid daylight.