What are the best Cuban cigars

11 Cuban Cigars Everyone Must Have Smoked

Cuban cigars experience an admiration in professional circles that almost takes on religious traits. Any aficionado who has ever enjoyed a good Cuban can confirm that this hype about the vitolas rolled in Cuba is justified. In Cuba, perfect growing conditions through suitable soils and an ideal climate meet the expertise of the cigar-makers, whose traditional methods are considered particularly sophisticated.

But as is the case everywhere, not every cigar from Cuba is necessarily a first-class top-quality cigar, there are also differences in quality here. We have put together our personal all-time favorites.


The classics

Romeo y Julieta Churchill

The Romeo y Julieta Churchill is probably the brand's most elegant format with a larger ring gauge. The Churchill has a stately appearance and can definitely score with aromas of earth, wood, spices, leather, pepper and delicate notes of vanilla.


Montecristo No. 2

The cigar of the year 2013 from the cigar aficionado and well deserved! The so-called "Monte 2" is one of the absolute favorites of the public! It is beautiful, both in appearance and in terms of the flavors presented. The Montecristo No. 2 is worth every euro!


Partagás Serie D No. 4th

The aroma of this vitola has changed a bit over the years, because we still remember the times when this partagás had even more oomph. But it is still a juicy, strong cigar that is recommended after a lavish meal. The Partagás Series D No. 4 aromas of leather, earth, chocolate, cedar wood, lemon and an omnipresent spiciness.


Cohiba Siglo IV

A best list for Cuba simply has to contain Cohiba. With the Cohiba Siglo IV we would like to recommend you a cigar that is absolutely stunning with aromas of spices, a beguiling sweetness and cedar wood. If you smoke for a good hour, this is the perfect accompaniment for a sweet drink such as a matured port.


H. Upmann Half Corona

Rare, sweet and still quite strong. You don't see such a short vitola from Cuba very often, but you should definitely try it. With aromas of earth, spices, honey and a creamy smoke, the H. Upmann Half Corona is also very friendly to the wallet.


The selection of professionals


Punch Punch AT

With tradition, Cuban flair and a clown adorning the logo, even with a recognizable mascot: Punch cigars are undoubtedly one of the Cuban classics. The Punch Punch AT shows with its balanced, complex aroma structure through present fruits, all accompanying notes of earth and coffee, spices and apparent sweet nuances, why Punch cigars are held so high.


Bolivar Belicoso Fino

Always top rated, in 2015 again in the top 10 of the Cigar Aficionado with 94 points. Rightly so, because here fruity notes, earth, fiery pepper and wood offer an outstanding, creamy smoke. After a hearty meal, the Bolivar Belicoso Fino is great, especially when accompanied by a Caribbean rum.



Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Cedar wood, a delicate sweetness, varied spices, fine roasted aromas, nutty nuances, fruits and earth: These Ramon Allones combine an outstanding variety of aromas with a lot of tobacco power. The aromas develop early and are quickly present, as is the strength of this vitola. Classic aperitifs, which can also compete with the Ramon Allones Specially Selected in terms of strength, are ideal companions.



Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

The elegant Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is typically Cuban, but does not knock out aficionados who like to enjoy lighter cigars right away. In terms of strength, it is in the middle range and convinces with a creamy mixture of sweetness, cedar wood, citrus fruits and earth. In 1992 it received a spectacular 99 points from the renowned cigar aficionado and is still rated as top!


The insider tips


Vegas Robaina Famosos

The Vegas Robaina Famosos is clearly under the radar, but it lives up to its name. Because this cigar is splendid, as is the construction and the blend of aromas. The extraordinary creaminess is particularly nice, so that the smoke literally melts away on the tongue. Top!



El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

Where one superlative in the cigar name chases the other, there we are in the Cuba best list: The Supreme already makes your mouth water with its beguiling cold smell. Rightly so, because the aromatic pleasure increases considerably while smoking. It is best to treat yourself to a strong, hot coffee with El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme. Or a whiskey, if you want it to be an alcoholic companion.



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