How do you solve this Chinese puzzle

Were you able to complete this homework assignment given to Chinese elementary school students? You can find out here whether you are really right with the result of the riddle.

Homework in elementary school should actually be manageable - or shouldn't it? In any case, this math problem is far from easy.

That was the homework of Chinese elementary school students

You remember? That was what was wanted Height of a tablewhich can only be determined from the distance between two cats. The task was shared by the "China Focus" Twitter channel. Allegedly it comes from the homework book of Chinese elementary school students:

#quiz Here is a math word problem from a Chinese elementary school student's homework. Have a try to figure it out! Leave your answer in the comment.

- China Focus (@China__Focus) September 11, 2018

The solution

To get to the result of the riddle, there should be numerous possible solutions. However, one of them is as simple as it is impressive: Just put both cats on top of each other in your mind's eye. The distance between the tips of the ears of the upper and lower cat is exactly 260 cm (150 + 110 cm).

Now just move this distance down by a cat's length (after all, both cats are the same size above and below). So the distance corresponds to that from the floor to the upper edge of the table - i.e. exactly two table lengths. Then all you need is a small calculation:

2 tables = 260 cm

1 table = 260 cm / 2 = 130 cm

The correct solution is: 130 cm - answer C is correct!

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