I'm wasting my life

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Post Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:59 pm

"You lose most of your time trying to gain time." - Ernst Steinbeck
Maybe not so aptly, but it expresses it. Have you ever seen people talking? "Boa the time goes so fast", "I'm getting old" and if you then leave a comment "Boa you got old", then everyone is offended! But why?
I talked to some people once and most of them noticed that they just had the feeling that they had not achieved anything and that they were wasting the time.
I just think that this is a normal thought, at all in today's world, where it's all about the round thing with the 3 hands.
The world is getting faster and faster and more and more demands are made. In the end, one wonders for what!
The quote: "He is always chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But when he get's there, at the end of the day .. It's just cornflakes!" (German translation: "He's always on the hunt for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But when he gets there, at the end of the day ... it's just cornflakes!").
He wants to express one thing: You try to chase a pot of gold your whole life. So studying, making money, a house with a garden, a career, etc. But what remains in the end? In the end, you might end up in a slap with burnout, suicide, or you become unhappy because you don't have time for the family anymore, because you have to crawl the ass of a boss 24/7 to pay off your debts.
So what is "time" and how "do you use time sensibly"?
I would use "time" by taking care of my family and enjoying life. A career is only a means to an end. The purpose is to have money to enjoy life. But how can you enjoy life and spend the money when you have an 80h week?

Maybe that will give you some food for thought!