What is a hivemind


MichaelDouglas collective / Sabina Perry


The term "hivemind" (in English: "swarm spirit", "group spirit", "group ego") is a term from science fiction that describes the merging of several intelligences or units of consciousness into a conformal whole. Perry was inspired by this theory and used it to investigate other models of collective thinking: the hippie movement in the United States of the 1960s and 1970s, group cults and rituals, and the life of today's social media cultures. What happens when collective intelligence becomes uncritical conformity, or when a virtual variable decides what we have for breakfast and which color suits us? HIVEMIND enters the ironic polarity of "good" and "bad" behind collective sizes that promise affiliation and entertainment and often mean dependency in conformity. And who ultimately know us better than we do ourselves?

HIVEMIND is a piece somewhere between theater and dance, which humorously presents its subject matter in all its absurdity and bizarre, and devotes itself entirely to the game between real and fake, essence and shell, color explosion and silent threat.


The MD collective (DE) is made up of five dancers and creates cooperative collaborations within a network structure. It sees itself as an innovative space for contemporary artistic, creative work and the exchange of knowledge. The collective members share a common understanding of dance as a medium that participates in an interdisciplinary artistic discourse. This resulted in joint works in collaboration with architects, musicians and sociologists. Choreographers such as Georg Reischl, Vivienne Newport, Özlem Alkis, Paula Rosolen and Prue Lang worked together with the collective, as did various musicians, scientists and the conflict specialist Dana Caspersen. All works are linked by a curious focus on three main aspects: participation, performance and dialogue.

Sabina Perry (Toronto / Canada) is a dancer, choreographer, performer and founding member of the MichaelDouglas collective. She studied Dance Theater and CODARTS at the School of Toronto and has lived in Cologne since 2009. Her artistic work includes her own choreographies for De Meekers Dans Company, Korzo Productiehuis, Open Dans Festival Rotterdam, Citadel Bright Nights Toronto and the Katalyst Festival Cologne. In 2010 Sabina Perry was nominated for the Green Room Award (Australian National Theater Awards) and the Critics Choice Award for best dancer in Australia. Since 2014 she has been working as a choreographer and movement specialist for actors at the Schauspiel Köln, where she has choreographed several works in recent seasons. She is also a guest choreographer for the largest European theaters, including the Schauspiel Basel, Leipzig, the Residenztheater Munich and the Burgtheater in Vienna.


choreography Sabina Perry

Performance / dance Adam Ster, Michael Maurissens, Douglas Bateman

Dramaturgy & communication Jana Winterhalter

music A. Glacier

Costumes Birgit Bungum

lightHartmut Litzinger


Sponsor: City of Cologne, Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia


A production by the MichaelDouglas collective, in collaboration with Quartier am Hafen and TanzFaktur.