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The Pricing in creative services such as professional copywriting is highly individual. To get closer to the question of what a copywriter costs, let's assume, for the sake of simplicity, that you only want to hire a freelancer to write texts. In many cases, creative service providers also carry out graphic and image design or administrative tasks at the same time.

So at the beginning there is the question of what exactly should your copywriter do. The scope and quantity of the texts to be written also play an important role. Should a freelancer, for example project related or permanently over longer phases be used?

How good does the text have to be? If you just want to have flyers written for discos or flea markets in a regionally limited area, a few spelling errors will certainly not matter. For your business content, on the other hand, you should rely on professionals who are one extensive vocabulary and are able to use German spelling.

So it also depends on how and where a text is to be used. If you are a small business owner who wants to have his website labeled, your content will initially reach fewer people than, for example, a guest article that is published on a large media portal. While elaborately researched specialist articles with the expected range also increasing in price, simple jobs without the necessary prior knowledge are relatively constant in price. The maintenance of Item descriptions in an online shop does not necessarily have to be done by a highly qualified (and correspondingly expensive) copywriter.

This brings us to the question of how rare is the knowledge required to implement your order. For example, is it difficult, scientific texts, only a recognized specialist authority can be entrusted with writing. Depending on how in demand these experts are, the prices for their services also rise. Most good copywriters can quickly familiarize themselves with less complex topics. Especially writers with one journalistic training are very good at it. The higher the Research effortthe greater the impact on the price.

Does the content appear online or in a print medium? Online content often has a high level of sustainability, as contributions can stay on the web for practically unlimited periods of time. So if you had written the ultimate guide to removing wine stains from upholstery ten years ago, this post would still generate visits to your website today. Posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, on the other hand, usually only have a short half-life, but if used correctly they can generate numerous hits.

The meaning of Print media may be less today than it was a few years ago, yet newspapers, magazines and books are still read by millions of people. Print texts can be brochures, flyers or book texts (including blurbs or forewords). Editorial contributions from daily newspapers to glossy magazines are also sometimes written by freelance journalists. The value of texts for print media also depends on their circulation. For example, as a sports magazine suitable for the masses, “kicker” is read by far more people than the very specific hunting newspaper “Jagd & Hund”. On the other hand, there would certainly be more freelancers writing football texts than authors with real hunting knowledge.

Last but not least, you decide for yourself how much money you want to spend on writing your texts. You have to negotiate the exact price individually with your freelancer, taking into account the factors mentioned above. A number of standards have become established among professional writers, which are known as Guideline for negotiating prices for text work serve.

Possible guidelines on fees for authors

The following billing options are generally accepted by professional copywriters and journalists:

  • Billing per word: especially recommended for individual orders. The word count is a constant value, even with different font sizes, by which the work performed can be measured. While text works are offered on the web for amounts of one cent or less per word, the word set of capable authors begins more in the range of eight to twelve cents.

  • Billing per line: Likewise appreciated by many authors and freelance journalists, line prices are usually one to two euros and up. Again, the type of order and the competence of the writer influence the pricing. In order to determine a fair price per line, a fixed standard must be adhered to. As an example, you could specify that all texts are written in A4 format using the Arial font with a font size of 10 points. But let the copywriter have a say.

  • Billing per single text: Sometimes it is easier for everyone involved to simply agree on a fixed price for an item. For example, if texts of about the same length are required on a regular basis with foreseeable effort. Above all, authors with whom you have already established a good working relationship will be willing to make such arrangements.

  • Billing by hours: Many copywriters and also larger agencies bill their services by the hour, whereby the hourly rates can vary between 50 and 200 euros or more depending on the provider and project. But with solo freelancers, time recording can sometimes be difficult. As an external client, you have practically no insight into how your service provider fills his hours. In order to get to know new authors, a few trial orders at fixed prices should be agreed.

  • Fixed price for complete projects: If a project is very extensive, but the effort is easy to estimate, a fixed price for the entire scope could be appropriate. You negotiate the exact amount with your copywriter taking into account the points mentioned above.

While more extensive test orders are paid for with at least part of the usual amount, many authors offer smaller test texts free of charge. In the interests of good cooperation, it is advisable not to overstimulate the goodwill of freelance authors with trial assignments.

Many commercial copywriters are flexible in their pricing and ready to make individual arrangements for individual customers. who high quality text content produced for you, of course also wants to be paid well. The price must be acceptable to both sides so that your cooperation is on a good foundation.

Also consider your internal costs - which and how many employees work with freelancers or deal with content creation in-house? As a sole proprietorship, it is of course entirely your own time that is spent hiring and writing to writers. Once you have found the right writer, this effort becomes smaller and smaller with ongoing collaboration.

Contract yes or no? Whether you need to set up a copywriting contract or rely on verbal agreements should be decided on a case-by-case basis and based on the importance of the project. In the case of high budgets and sensitive issues, it might make sense to define all responsibilities in writing in advance.

Editing costs

Editing is a very unique form of text work. We have already talked about this in the area of ​​text types. Editing is usually billed per page, with an average number of characters per page. The price per page often falls as the number of pages to be proofread increases. For professional editing, you can expect prices between five and twelve euros or more for a single page.

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We wish you the very best experience and good luck in your search for freelancers for your texts!