How do you enter more than 100

Europe's Football Union (Uefa) has decided on a profound reform of the Champions League. From the 2024/25 season onwards, 36 instead of the previous 32 teams will qualify for the main round of the competition. However, there will no longer be any groups there, but instead the so-called "Swiss model". All 36 teams form a league, each participant plays ten games in the preliminary round. The best eight teams qualify directly for the round of 16, the clubs in places nine to 24 play off the other participants in a playoff round. There may be a Final Four tournament instead of the semi-finals and the final, but that has not yet been decided. In total, there are around 225 games in the competition, around 100 more than currently. Of the four additional starting places, two should go to clubs that do well in the Uefa five-year standings - this is intended as a kind of wildcard for top clubs that stumble in a season. Even this courtesy did not prevent a dozen top clubs from founding a new Super League.

The same competition format is planned for the Europa League and the new Conference League as for the premier class. Only the number of preliminary round matches is lower. There are eight games in the Europa League before the knockout phase and six in the Conference League. So there will be two pure Champions League weeks. Then, in addition to the classic dates on Tuesday and Wednesday, games of the premier class are also planned on Thursdays.