What is the first problem of our world

Club of Rome: 13 ideas to solve the problems of mankind

He once made history. Because in the 1970s he initiated a global rethink with the presentation of a spectacular study. And now, more than four decades later, the Club of Rome wants to achieve the same thing again. To this end, the global association of scientists has now again presented a study in Berlin - and it has it all.

“The Limits to Growth” was the name of the publication that caused a sensation in 1972. In it, the Club of Rome explained why the world is approaching its end if it continues to operate as it has up to now and exploits the planet without limits. The study marked the end of the uncritical belief in growth and the beginning of the ecological movement.

This time the title is “One percent is enough”, the authors are Jorgen Randers, who was there in 1972, and Graeme Maxton, General Secretary of the Club of Rome. Once again it is about criticism of growth, but this time the focus is not on the exploitation of resources. Rather, the researchers are now primarily addressing the problems of unemployment and inequality in the western industrialized countries. And this time they come up with 13 very specific solutions.

Inequality has been growing for 30 years

The starting point of their view of the world is the statement that the economies of the western industrialized countries have grown rapidly in the past few decades, but that it is mainly the rich who have benefited. “Inequality has grown steadily over the past 30 years, as Piketty has shown,” says Maxton, referring to the book “Capital in the 21st Century” by the French economist Thomas Piketty. It has been hotly debated since it was published two years ago and is also highly controversial.