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Conceptually, the zombie has its origin in Central Africa, in Creole the word is still used today to denote a dead spirit. The superstition in zombies is based on the idea that the dead do not haunt around as apparitions, but open up in their earlier bodies to harm the living. Voodoo magicians play a central role in this world of ideas, because it is they who can turn the dead into soulless and willless beings who only obey their commands.

The black magic of voodoo and the belief in zombies reached the USA via Haiti, where a real boom was triggered by films and comics. Today the undead are often characters in computer games or in TV series and films. However, the idea has now gained acceptance that a virus is responsible for the emergence of the revenants who are hungry for human flesh.

People who stubbornly go about their work without a will of their will and without a recognizable private life are also referred to as "zombies" in everyday language. A high-proof cocktail with different types of rum with this name is also notorious.

As a half decayed, disfigured figure from the horror genre, a zombie probably triggers fear and horror in the dream. You may feel that you are being followed by the undead, be it a zombie child or an adult. But maybe you will also succeed in cheating him or a whole group or herd in the fight against zombies or killing the zombies, so that you feel relief and triumph.

In the dream interpretation it is the apparent marginal phenomena that decipher the dream. Anyone who has experienced one of the particularly common zombie dream acts will find the corresponding interpretation in the article section below. More rare dream situations with undead corpses can be found below, from the chapter "The general interpretation".

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Dream symbol "Zombie" - the most common dreams about the symbol

Apocalypse now: apocalyptic mood through the zombie wave in the dream

Anyone who experiences a zombie apocalypse in a dream, similar to that in films and horror series, will probably experience a fundamental change in their life. Anyone who has been very freedom-loving and non-conformist up to now may be forced to lead a regular life from now on due to external circumstances. However, the dreamer should not be deterred or influenced by this - almost every change also has a positive effect.

He is following me! The escape from a dreamed zombie

If a sleeping person is followed by zombies in their dream, this should indicate that they are overly influenced by other people in real life. The dreaming should also become more independent and take responsibility for their own actions. This can possibly be the own love relationship, in which the needs of the dreaming are given too little attention. In this case, the dream symbol of persecution and flight would like to call in all likelihood to provide for innovations in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Fight with zombies, will I survive this dream act?

Anyone who falls asleep and suddenly fights against zombies has often watched a horror film before going to bed and processes the atrocities of the film in a dream. If this is not the case, after awakening the dreamer should consider how the dreamed fight ended:

The victory over the undead is a good omen and predicts a profitable confrontation in the awakened reality for those affected. If he kills a large number of zombies in the dream world and survives, this illustrates his bravery in the awake life. However, if you lose the fight, it may predict loss or failure.

Killing the undead - actually a contradicting dream ... right?

The dream image "zombie" symbolizes horror and a feeling of threat or general difficulties. If the dreaming kills the undead within the dream plot, this act can herald big steps in the real personal development. The affected person may now be able to free himself from inhibiting worries and problems and to recognize new possibilities.

If the dream is preceded by the end of a relationship that has not yet been fully processed, killing a zombie in the dream can be a sign of an early final stroke under this ex-partnership.

A zombie child staggers through my dream world

If a child dies in a dream and then rises as an undead zombie, this usually has a very frightening effect on the dreaming. Perhaps an experience from the past with the person who one recognizes in the dream as a zombie could not be processed here.

The dream image of the zombie child is possibly an invitation to deal with past problems and not to be eaten away by old suffering. Sometimes, however, horror films before falling asleep are the reason that children or even ourselves appear as living dead in dreams.

Dream symbol "Zombie" - the general interpretation

The dream symbol "zombie" can be a very definite symbol fears be from real life. Everyday worries can burden the dreaming so much that they experience these worries as a zombie pursuit in a dream. The question then becomes, what exactly is causing me distress or fear?

As a being that has already gone through two changes of existence, namely from the living to the dying and then to the reanimated, the dream symbol "zombie" in the dream interpretation usually stands for change. Perhaps the dreaming should try to let go of certain burdening things. This can refer to the partnership, but also to family or friends.

Another possible interpretation of the dream symbol "zombie" is to use the dangerous undead as a symbol great challenges to see. This can be a professional task that seems impossible to accomplish. Walking death then appears indirectly as a symbol of new opportunities.

A dangerous zombie bite, which under certain circumstances in the dream world can lead to the dreamer becoming a monster himself, often symbolizes an important change that should no longer be avoided. It is now time to act.

If the zombie is defeated in the dreamed fight, it means in the dream interpretation that the dreaming gets the requirements under control. The undead then embodies in the dream the willpower and the assertiveness of the dreaming.

Dream symbol "Zombie" - the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol "zombie" can one in the dream interpretation Part of the personality represent the dreaming, which is mostly suppressed in real life. One unconsciously wishes to be able to live out one's wild, non-conformist side. Maybe the dreaming sometimes suffers from his pronounced self-control and would like to go out more from himself. However, his needs may also scare him, which in the dream takes the form of a zombie.

On the other hand, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation can be a signal that the fear is unfounded if the zombie turns out to be harmless. A real zombie apocalypse, on the other hand, shows as a dream motif that the dreamer feels overwhelmed in the waking world. The fears and worries that plague him or her are perceived as inhibiting.

As a deceased who cannot calm down and cannot let go of life, a zombie also stands as a dream symbol for you losswith which the dreaming cannot come to terms. In the dream interpretation, this can mean a relationship that changes or may come to an end. Unconsciously, the dreaming has already perceived the signs and probably also interpreted them correctly. His dream of a zombie now moves him to consciously accept the facts.

The dream symbol can also be on Conflicts suggest within the family. Perhaps a close relative moves away and the dreaming has difficulties to let go of the person.

Dream symbol "Zombie" - the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol "zombie" in the dream interpretation is a symbol for that Let go. In order to develop spiritually, one has to part with some of the things that bind one to material existence.

The zombie in the dream shows the dreaming how difficult it is for him at times.