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I am no longer the unsuspecting little Deku who just chases an illusion ... From now on I am ... the Deku with a hint of "You can do it !!"
Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugo in "Fight, Damn Nerd"

Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出 久,Midoriya Izuku?), also known as Deku (デ ク,Deku?), is the main character of My Hero Academia. His greatest wish is to become a great hero.

Izuku was born without a quirk, which is why he belonged to the 20% of humanity who do not develop superpowers. After a fateful meeting with the famous hero All Might, he got his One For All quirk and became the ninth user of said quirk.

After the Paranormal War, in which Tomura Shigaraki and All For One want to steal Izuku's quirk, Izuku decided to launch the U.A. Leaving high school to protect his schoolmates from attack. He fights against the villains together with the professional heroes, and goes in search of Tomura Shigaraki.


Izuku has green eyes and messy and dark green shaggy hair. He has four freckles on each cheek. His skin is rather pale.

At the beginning of the series, Izuku was quite slim and looked slim. As a prerequisite for the transmission of One For All, Izuku had to undergo a tough training program under All Might's supervision, because well-trained muscles are required to use this quirk. Only in this way is it possible to use the great power of One For All to some extent. Since that training, Izuku has had a very well-trained body that continues to develop over the course of the series.

Outside of school hours, Izuku wears casual everyday clothing. During school time, either the UA school uniform, his sports suit or his hero costume, the latter consisting of a turquoise overall with white patterns and gloves, as well as black knee and elbow pads and a red belt and red shoes equipped with a metal sole around his there is a new fighting style to support the Shoot Style.



Izuku is a shy, helpful, and polite boy with a very strong sense of justice. When he was not a quirk, he was bullied about it by others, and he was initially portrayed as insecure, more reserved and not very expressive. These traits are particularly evident in the presence of Katsuki, who has consistently pissed off his ambitions to become a hero. After Izuku at the U.A. When he started high school and made new friends, he faced Katsuki again in the training arc, gradually becoming more confident and a bolder person who even developed leadership skills.

Izuku is a pretty hard-working and strong-willed student. His dream drove him to take notes on everything related to the quirks of heroes. Through this habit, Izuku developed strong analytical thinking and can create very complex combat strategies in seconds based on the quirks of his allies and opponents. Izuku communicates his observations through almost endless murmuring, a habit that annoys or scares his acquaintances. Izuku writes down his observations in a variety of notebooks he titled Hero's Analysis for the Future.

Izuku is a person who never hesitates to save someone who is in danger, even if he knows he is not strong enough to do it. Very often he rescues others against his usual habit in a more thoughtless way, instead of planning everything too much. Izuku often helps people with personal and emotional problems, even if none of them affect him, on the grounds that a hero interferes in other people's lives shouldeven if it makes them seem too intrusive, which has annoyed some people he tried to help, especially Katsuki, whom he tried to save from a villain with a quirk. Nonetheless, Izuku's heroic nature is highly regarded by many, earning him the loyalty and gratitude of people who have previously been suspicious of him, including Tenya Iida, Shoto, Hitoshi Shinso, Kota Izumi, Sir Nighteye, and even the hero Killer: Stain, which Izuku has accepted as a true hero. Izuku expressed concern when Ochako Uraraka tried to rid him of his runaway blackwhip, which resulted in her being seriously injured, or when he protected her from Hotishi's trapping weapon. This happened during the entrance exam of the U.A. High school: He saved Ochako Uraraka's life by using One For All and breaking both legs and one arm.

Of all heroes, the symbol of peace is the one that influenced Izuku's life the most, which can be seen in how he aligns himself with the former number 1 hero. Many of Izuku's decisions and behaviors result from his desire to become a true hero like All Might, which has resulted in an enormous devotion to him, which goes so far that he even collects various different pieces of merchandise related to All Might, and tries to imitate its properties. After taking over All Mights Macke, one of Izuku's top priorities is to live up to his idol's legacy, and he is always looking for ways to improve his use of One For All, always aware of the immense pressure on him to be the successor to the greatest hero of all time.

Izuku also seems to have a more impetuous and aggressive side about him, which is usually more evident when he's in a fight. This side lets him act more like Katsuki, which is expressed by the impetuosity and the strong will to leave the field as the winner. Izuku claims it's up to Katsuki as he sees him as the embodiment of someone who is always striving for victory. He has also admitted that he doesn't like that side of him very much and tries to keep it in check.


As a child, Izuku greatly admired heroes and dreamed of being a hero like his idol, All Might, as soon as he got his quirk. However, by the time children his age began to manifest their powers, Izuku had not yet shown any signs of developing special skills. Because of this, his mother took him to a doctor who told him that he had two joints on his little toe, which meant he would never have a quirk.

Izuku later continued to watch All Might videos on his computer and tearfully asked his mother if he could still be a hero. She hugged him and apologized, words Izuku would remember as what he didn't want to hear at the exact moment because they made him feel inappropriate for those with quirks.

Even so, Izuku continued to strive to be a hero and get into the U.A. To enter high school. This ambition led to the constant bullet and ridicule of his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo, and his classmates. He believed that it was impossible for someone without a quirk to ever become a hero. Even so, Izuku still regarded himself and Katsuki as friends and followed him constantly.

However, things escalated when Izuku tried to help Katsuki after falling off a small bridge into a creek. Izuku offered him a helping hand, but Katsuki's pride made him view this as an insult. He believed that Izuku made him appear as if he needed help from someone who is inferior to him. This would put a strain on the relationship between the two for years to come.


Entrance exam

Izuku is attending his class at Aldera Junior High while his teacher announces that all students will graduate this year. Katsuki replies that he is not like the other class members and calls them all food and that only he is destined to take part in the U.A. and that he alone will surpass All Might. When his teacher announces that Izuku is trying to get into the U.A. to participate, Katsuki is shocked and angry. He insults Izuku and scares him with his explosive smack. He claims that someone who has no quirks won't go into the U.A. can penetrate and can do nothing at all.[2]

After class, Katsuki takes Izuku's booklet, burns it and throws it out the window. Katsuki tells Izuku that heroes have told stories about her since their early school years, that only he is destined to reach this school and Izuku is just a stepping stone to his greatness. Before Katsuki leaves class, he warns Izuku not to attend the U.A. at all. to turn. Leaving the classroom to retrieve his notebook, Izuku remembers how he started dreaming of being a hero and how he found out about his flawlessness.

The same day a villain is on the run from the scene of the crime goes home, he runs into Izuku. The villain apparently escaped All Might earlier in the day. The villain decided that to avoid detection, he should take over Izuku's body. Just as Izuku was in despair, All Might showed up and saved him. Stunned, Izuku asked for an autograph, but finds All Might left it for him before he could ask the questions he had on his mind.

To get All Might to stay, Izuku joined All Might's leg and held out as he threw himself into the air. After a brief struggle, All Might agreed with Izuku that if he let go he would die, and they soon landed safely on a roof. Where Izuku asked if he could become a hero without individuality. All Might said he always wanted to be a hero and save people.

Suddenly, All Might's appearance drastically transforms into a more skeletal form. All Might reveals to the shocked Izuku that he was injured in a fight five years ago and can only remain in his heroic form for a short period of time. He goes on to tell Izuku that professionals always have to risk their lives to save the day and therefore cannot openly say whether it is possible to be a hero without a quirk as it may not be possible . All Might says that when it comes to saving people, Izuku can always become a cop as that way he can be responsible for getting the bad guys to jail (even if it's a ridiculous job). He tells Izuku that dreaming is not bad, but warns him not to cover up the facts and then leaves.

Devastated by his idol's words, Izuku begins to rethink his dream of becoming a hero. His thoughts are interrupted as he approaches the scene of a rogue attack. Izuku acknowledges that Katsuki is the victim of the mud villain who previously attacked him and feels guilty that he accidentally let the villain escape All Might's possession. Izuku, who has looked at Katsuki's pleading eyes, rushes towards the villain and tries to save Katsuki despite his head for heights. While the mud villain prepares to attack Izuku, All Might, inspired by the boy's action, appears and defeats the villain before Izuku could be injured.

The pro-heroes at the scene began to berate Izuku for his reckless behavior. Katsuki got so mad that he was almost saved by Izuku that he caught up with him and told him he was not saved by him at all before walking away angrily. All Might appeared and thanked Izuku for reminding him what it meant to be a hero and then explained that he was doing what most of the top heroes did in their younger days, which made him To tell Izuku that he can become a hero since he gave him the chance to become one.

After 10 months of intensive training, the day of the entrance exam comes. At six in the morning, at the last possible second, Izuku carries the last piece of rubbish on the entire beach. All Might is amazed when Izuku cleans the whole beach and praises him when he cuts a piece of his hair and gives it to Izuku who is surprised he has to eat it and gets his first dose, a very small piece of One For All . However, since the entrance exam is so tight, Izuku has to hurry to school without getting used to the power.

Izuku comes to the U.A. for the entrance exam, excited that he will have the chance to become a hero. As he runs forward and stumbles, Izuku is rescued by a girl. The girl says she is nervous and asks if he is too, to which he nods in response. The girl wishes him the best of luck while Izuku stands in awe and has spoken to a girl for the first time in his life, even though he has not actually spoken to her. Later, during the presentation of the exam by Present Mic, Izuku is called by Tenya Iida for his endless murmuring, which he considers inappropriate.

As the practical test begins, Izuku is intimidated by Tenya again, this time because he was suspicious of the girl he met earlier. Tenya scolds Izuku, who attracts the attention of applicants, who mutter to themselves that Izuku failed because of his behavior.

During the practice test, Izuku tries to destroy a 1-point robot but is too scared to move at all. Yuga Aoyama appears and destroys the robot. Izuku realizes he's running out of time. Suddenly a huge zero point robot appears and begins to destroy the area.

Izuku tried to escape, but then he sees the same girl who previously helped him on the floor, about to be attacked by the 0-point robot. Seeing her in danger, Izuku plucked up the courage to fight the robot, used One For All for the first time, and attacked the giant robot with a devastating blow that completely destroyed him and saved the girl's life while he was all another shocked.

However, Izuku's bones instantly break because they have never been used before and begin to fall. He tries to use Detroit Smash to land safely, but before he can activate it, the girl whose life Izuku saved uses her quirks to allow him to land safely. The skill test is over, much to Izuku's sadness as he didn't get a single point before he passed out from exhaustion. While Izuku is referred to as unconscious for defeating the giant robot by his colleagues, who are wondering if he looked weak on purpose, only Tenya notices how Izuku selflessly protected the girl. Fortunately for Izuku, Recovery Girl immediately heals his serious injuries.