Why does Goten look like Goku

Son-Goten-Son-Goku (Dragonball) -Son-Gohan ~ differences and similarities

Goku Son wrote:

Son-Goths are a different generation, you have to see that. He and Trunks are the Saiyajins who are most different from everyone else. Of course, Son-Goten has different interests than Son-Goku or Son-Gohan, who grew up very differently, and as we all know, life shapes character.
About Gohan I can only say that the poor man did not have a childhood, and it is understandable and of course that he behaves in a more childlike manner, whether consciously or unconsciously. What else cannot be expected from a psychological point of view.
You are quite right - Son-Goku is a thoroughbred Saiyan and he is born with ambition and the urge to fight. It's different with his sons, of course, they don't like it so much. That is also the reason why Son-Goku later finds his happiness with Oob, because this is a child that he can train alone and can shape him into what he wanted to make of Gohan (he was not at Son-Goten, after all there, and later it was no longer possible).

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What does this have to do with the psychological point of view?

Of course Gohan has children, isn't Pan or something?

The last sentences are so illogical. What does happiness with oob mean here? He always knew that and there is no point What did you mean by that?

Yes, that's true with a thoroughbred Saiyan, if Chichi were a Saiyan then Gohan and Goten would be like Son Goku. Somehow weird that a hit on the head changes the whole property of the character ... I would say if he hadn't fallen on his head, his character would be like Raditz's when he was on earth.