How to Convert DAI to USDC

DAI to USD converter, convert Dai to

1 Dai = 1.00462 USD
1 USD = 0.99540 Dai

Surnamesymbolcourse24s24s volumemarket capitalization
DaiDAI$1.004620.94 %$2,752,571,378$4,092,147,461

How much (USD) is 1 Dai (DAI)?

From May 24, 2021 at 5:06 am 1 Dai corresponds to 1.00462.
Our currency converter allows you to convert multiple cryptocurrencies into the most popular fiat currencies. With the help of Dai converter, you can easily convert Dai to USD. You can buy or sell Dai on Binance using an exchange rate of 1.00462 (USD). This DAI calculator tool is an online exchange rate calculator in real time with the latest Dai and rates. In addition, you can find the reverse USD to DAI exchange rate with the desired amount of Dai.

Conversion table for Dai to

Dai (DAI) (USD)
1 DAI=$1.00462
2 DAI=$2.00925
3 DAI=$3.01387
4 DAI=$4.01850
5 DAI=$5.02312
10 DAI=$10.0462
20 DAI=$20.0925
50 DAI=$50.2312
100 DAI=$100.462
200 DAI=$200.925
300 DAI=$301.387
400 DAI=$401.850
500 DAI=$502.312
1,000 DAI=$1,004.62
2,000 DAI=$2,009.25
3,000 DAI=$3,013.87
10,000 DAI=$10,046.2
100,000 DAI=$100,462
1,000,000 DAI=$1,004,625