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5 best shaving foams tested in 2021


5 best shaving foams (test) 2021


A good shaving foam or gel is very important for an irritation-free wet shave. Due to the large number of options, however, decision-making can be lengthy and difficult. In the test, we took a closer look at various shaving foams and gels, took a close look at reviews, material compositions, price range and opinions and summarized the test winners for you in our top 5 list of the best shaving foams for 2021.


1. Gillette Basic Shaving Foam for Sensitive Skin 6 x 200 ml


The 6-pack with 200 ml cans from Gilette was the best shaving foam. It impresses with its rich consistency, which makes it easier to apply and allows the blade to glide very well. This makes the shave pleasant and comfortable, which in turn ensures good results.

The foam can then be easily rinsed off, which is also an advantage. Please note, however, that the product is suitable for sensitive skin, but if you have very sensitive skin, the slight perfume may cause irritation. You should therefore first try it out in order to tolerate the foam well.

Six cans with a content of 200 ml each are delivered, so that the price converted to the liter is absolutely fair. The dosage is comfortable overall, so that the bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is very good. Unfortunately, the dosing head sometimes twists a little too easily, which is not entirely ideal. In view of the otherwise very good properties, you can overlook it here.

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2. Nivea Men Protect & Care shaving foam 6 x 200 ml


The shaving foam from Nivea impresses with its good protection and care properties with very good sliding properties. However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, because the product is supplied in a pack of 6 in 200 ml cans, but when converted to liters, the price is a good bit higher compared to some other shaving cream.

On the other hand, you also get a particularly creamy foam, very good shaving results and a very good care effect for the skin. The beard hair is softened very well and the natural protective film of the skin is actively strengthened, so that the shave is more comfortable. Tension and irritation can thus be reliably reduced.

The product is easy to dose and is also quite suitable for dry skin. However, the foam is not recommended for oily skin as it is very creamy. It has also been enriched with aloe vera and panthenol, which also works against dehydration. For very sensitive skin, however, the shaving foam is not quite as suitable, because the fragrances can cause skin irritations here.

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3. Palmolive shaving foam Classic Men 3 x 300 ml


The shaving foam from Colgate-Palmolive comes in a pack of three and contains three cans of 300 ml each. The bottom line is that it is a very affordable shaving foam, because the price per liter is significantly lower compared to most other products. Nevertheless, the product impresses with its good processing quality, offers very good protection against skin irritation and has a nourishing and calming effect thanks to the palm extracts.

The consistency of the foam is very creamy and pleasant, making it easy to apply. Nourishing ingredients pass into the skin during the shave and the blade glides very well. Ideally, it is applied to damp skin. Compared to some more expensive products, however, the shaving results are not quite as good, so you have to accept a few compromises here.

This is especially true if you have slightly longer stubble, as the blade sometimes slides over the stubble, which is due to the consistency of the foam. The bottom line is that the price is more than fair and the product generally prevents irritation well. For very sensitive skin, however, it is sometimes not quite as suitable.

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4. Gillette Fusion ProGlide 2 In 1 Sensitive Active Sport Shaving Gel 3 x 170 ml


If you are looking for a shaving gel that is especially good for very sensitive skin, you should take a look at the product from Gillette. In the price comparison it does very badly, because the price per liter is very high, but on the other hand it is also very economical and convinces with very good results with high skin tolerance.

The application is uncomplicated, the consistency is fine and pleasant and thanks to the 2in1 formula it offers very good care properties and at the same time ensures a cooling skin feeling. The lubricants also ensure that the blade glides very well over the skin. The results are smooth, prevent irritation and a feeling of tightness and are supplied in a pack of three with 170 ml each. In addition, the dosing head with this product is also convincing because it reliably prevents dripping.

The product is applied with water, which works well. However, handling is not quite as convenient, because if the jar is held at an angle when the gel escapes, propellant can escape, which means that the contents cannot be completely emptied.

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5. Balea shaving gel for women aloe vera 1 x 150 ml


The shaving gel from Balea is a gel enriched with aloe vera that protects very well against skin irritations. The sliding properties are very good and the composition of the ingredients is also convincing. It has a nourishing effect, soothes the skin and at the same time provides moisture, which counteracts the feeling of tension.

The dosage and handling were also convincing in the test. However, the product has two major disadvantages: On the one hand, it can happen that the contents cannot be completely emptied if you do not hold the can vertically enough when applying and, on the other hand, the gel is very price-intensive if you consider the price for one liter of content converts. Although it is also more productive as a gel than foam, the bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is not ideal.


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