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Except for the lucky test, in which Naruto has to learn the value of team spirit and the chakra control that Kakashi teaches his students in the land of waves, Kakashi hardly trains Naruto at first, as Jiraiya is assigned to this after the chunin selection test However, when Naruto's return from his training trip with Jiraiya and the reunion with Sasuke, Kakashi offers Naruto to help him develop his own nin-jutsu.

Main article: Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy SkyNearly a year after the war, Kakashi has yet to officially take on the duties of being Hokage, feeling hes unqualified, leaving Tsunade to continue managing Konohas affairs. Kakashi later leaves for a mission in the Land of Waves. There, Kakashi oversees security for the Tobishachimarus maiden voyage. As the ship prepares to take off, Kakashi spots someone sneaking aboard, discovering it to be Might Guy, who has always wanted to fly. Kakashi finds somewhere out of the way for them to ride out the trip

Main article: Naruto Shippden the Movie: The Will of Fire Kakashi and his team are sent to investigate the most recent in a series of kidnappings of people with kekkei genkai. Upon arriving at their destination, they are attacked by strange animals that injure Naruto and Sai and the trails goes cold. After they arrive back in Konoha, Hiruko projects himself to the world and claims responsibility for the kidnappings, whose kekkei genkai he has assimilated into his body with the Chimera Technique. Expecting that this will now happen soon, Kakashi asks Tsunade to place a seal on him that will activate his Mangeky Sharingan when Hiruko tries to assimilate him. When the mind-control activates, Kakashi goes to Hiruko, but Naruto, unwilling to let him sacrifice himself, follows and defeats Hiruko with his Rasenshuriken, saving Kakashi.

When they find the Raikage in the Land of Iron, Kakashi, the only one amongst them that the Raikage recognizes, asks that Naruto be allowed to speak with him. The Raikage permits it, but even with his and Yamatos support, he refuses Narutos request to forgive Sasukes recent work with Akatsuki and leaves them. They stay at an inn nearby while deciding what to do, where Naruto is confronted by Tobi. Having expected him, Kakashi and Yamato attack and restrain him, though he points out that he can escape whenever he wants. Rather than do that, he tells them about Sasukes motivations: to take vengeance on Konoha for forcing Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan. They doubt what he says regarding the Uchiha Clan Downfall, but Tobi is unconcerned, leaving once hes finished saying to Naruto what he wanted to.

Kakashi is completely amazed when it turns out that the man in the mask is his childhood friend Obito Uchiha. Kakashi tries to find out how Obito could survive, but he evades his questions and accuses Kakashi of not protecting Rin and ending this useless reality. When Madara Uchiha takes the stage and talks to Obito, everyone is shocked because Madara apparently asked Obito to create the Jbi from the individual Bijus and to use Mugen Tsukuyomi. While Madara is fighting the Jinchriki, Kakashi tries to find out with Guy why Obito is making common cause with someone like Madara. After another clash between Naruto and Madara, Kakashi repeatedly asks Obito why he is doing all this. Obito replies that everything has been said and that they will now have their final fight. Obito conjures up huge shuriken from his dimension, which Kakashi fends off with Doton: Doryu Heki. During the fight with Obito, Kakashi confesses that he is garbage because he could not protect Rin and is almost killed by Obito, only Naruto's courageous intervention with one of his shadow doubles could prevent this. When Naruto announces that he will not let any of his comrades die, Kakashi remembers when he spoke these words to Team 7. Then Kakashi tells Obito that Obito's will has gone to Naruto and that he will do everything possible to protect Naruto.

After Sakura tried in vain to prevent Naruto from looking for Sasuke any further, she went on a search with Kiba, Lee and Sai herself in order to finally get Sasuke out of the way. Kakashi learns of this plan through Sai and follows the group. He finds the unconscious group members of Sakura who were killed by her with a sleep bomb. Thereupon Kakashi picks up the trail of Sakura and Sasuke and arrives at the scene just in time to prevent Sasuke from killing Sakura with his Chidori. While Kakashi is having a conversation with his former student, he tells Sakura that, as Sensei from Team 7, he will now take on the burden. Then he gets ready to fight Sasuke. He can quickly teleport the arrows from Sasuke's Susanoo to another dimension with his Kamui, as he would not have had time to evade. When Sasuke then has to deactivate his Mangekyou Sharingan because his eyesight is deteriorating, Sakura takes advantage of this situation to start another attempt at attacking Sasuke. But she hesitates again and is almost stabbed by Sasuke, as Kakashi is already weakened by the use of his Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruto saves Sakura at the last second. Kakashi still wants to take on the task of eliminating Sasuke for the good of everyone, but is prevented by Naruto. Tobi explains, however, that such techniques have no effect on him, and so he disappears with Sasuke.

I am interested in whether Kakashi can still use his Sharingan, which Obito gave him after his death, or whether he has lost it for good. Because in Boruto, as far as I know, he didn't even use his Sharingan

To help Naruto create a new jutsu, Kakashi first establishes what his nature is: wind. With that settled, Kakashi trains Naruto in how to learn to use the wind nature. With Kakashi's instructions and the training grounds created by Yamato, Naruto quickly masters how to use the wind nature. The next step is more difficult for him: combining that nature with the Rasengan. Because Kakashi and Minato Namikaze both failed to combine their natures with the Rasengan, Kakashi cant offer Naruto any tips and can only watch as he tries to develop something. When they receive news that Asuma died in battle with members of Akatsuki, they take a break to attend Asumas funeral.

Obito Uchiha was Kakashi's best friend. Their relationship with each other was very similar to that of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in their early stages - but with reversed roles. Obito saw Kakashi as someone to surpass. The two have often argued and had very different views on the path of shinobi. On their last mission together in the grass realm, the two put their differences aside for the first time and Kakashi, despite his views, followed Obito's path of shinobi. After Obito was fatally injured during the mission, he gave Kakashi his newly awakened Sharingan as a gift. After Obito's death, Kakashi inherited many idiosyncrasies from him, such as his views on camaraderie and making excuses for being unpunctual. Often the reason for Kakashi's lack of punctuality is also that he spent a long time at the stone monument to honor Obito's memory.

In the fourth Shinobi World War against Tobi, Kabuto Yakushi and Tobi's Zetsu Army, Kakashi is declared general of the third division of the combined Shinobi Armed Forces, which specializes in medium and close combat. During the war he meets Zabuza Momochi and Haku, who recognize him - but Kabuto forces them to fight the old enemy. Kakashi succeeds in another victory against them, but immediately has to assert himself against the resurrected seven Shinobi swordsmen. In the end he is part of the fight against Madara Uchiha, Obito and the Juubi, in which he mainly fights against his old friend Obito and tries to convert him. In contrast to the rest of the world, however, he is not captured by Mugen Tsukuyomi, but fights together with the reunited Team 7 against Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Ootsutsuki. Shocked at her awakening, he is immediately teleported to one of her dimensions. After the fight finally won, he is there when Sasuke and Naruto dissolve Mugen Tsukuyomi and thus save the world.

Kakashi is a tall, young man with dark eyes and gray, straight hair. He wears his ninja headband crooked over his forehead so that it covers his left eye. He usually wears the regular green Jonin vest with blue or black clothing underneath. Kakashi wears his Shuriken bag on his right thigh, but also has a pocket over his left hip in which he stows the current edition of the Flirtparadies book series that he is currently reading. He also wears a face mask that covers his face up to under the eyes. When he doesn't use his Sharingan, all you can see is his right eye, right ear, and hair. After Madara Uchiha robs Kakashi's Sharingan [19], Naruto restores Kakashi's actual eye, which is why he no longer pulls his headband over his left eye from that point on

Some time after the events on the Kannabiky, Rin was captured by the Anbu from Kirigakure. The village sealed the Bij Isobu in her and planned to let her escape to Konoha. There the beast should then be released and cause destruction. Rin, aware of the danger she now poses, asked Kakashi to kill her. This refused, however, because he promised Obito to protect her and he believes in another solution. In the fight that broke out shortly afterwards, which was hopeless for the two, she finally jumped in front of Kakashi's Raikiri, so that he pierced and killed her. Both Kakashi and Obito, who watched the scenario from afar, then developed their complete Sharingan and then their Mangeky Sharingan. Kakashi collapsed and passed out while Obito, furious at Rin's death, killed all of the kirininja. Kakashi, kept alive by Obito, was later found by support from Konohagakure. [11] [12]

Main article: Naruto Shippden the Movie: The Lost TowerTwenty years in the past, Kakashi is waiting in line for the grand opening of Ramen Ichiraku when Minato invites him on a mission. They travel to Rran, where Kakashi is assigned to plant explosive tags in the factory. He is later saved by Yamato (who is from the future), though he claims that he in fact saved Yamato.

Kakashi Hatake is introduced as the Jonin (elite ninja) leader in charge of Team 7, a new ninja team including Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. He first appears as a carefree character as he tends to lose track of time, and is frequently late to his appointments as a result. [19] However, when testing his students, Kakashi reveals himself as a strong opponent to the point where he fights while reading Make Out (, Icha Icha) series of erotic novels. [20] Kakashi is renowned throughout the Naruto world for the use of his Sharingan which he received from his teammate Obito Uchiha during the third shinobi world war and is revered as the ninja who has copied over a thousand jutsus, earning him the moniker Copy Ninja Kakashi (, Kop Ninja no Kakashi) and Kakashi of the Sharingan (, Sharingan no Kakashi). [21] [22] Although most of Kakashi's abilities were acquired with his Sharingan, he also invented the Chidori (, lit. One Thousand Birds) and its Lightning Blade variation, a collection of lightning chakra in ones hand that uses the Sharingans visual ability to lock onto a target. [23] When first forming Team 7, Kakashi does not turn them into his students until instilling in them the concept of teamwork even if they have to break the rules he gave them. [24] Kakashi continues to further this philosophy for the duration of Part I upon Sasuke Uchiha but is unable to get through to him before the latters defection from Konoha. [25] Kakashi also reluctantly participates in various kinds of challenges by his childhood friend Might Guy who considers Kakashi his rival.

Like his father, Kakashi is an extremely talented ninja. He became a Genin at the age of five and passed the Chnin selection test at the age of six. At the age of 9, due to the war and a lack of military strength, he was appointed Jnin and given his own command. [17] When Obito then falls in action, Kakashi gets his left eye transplanted, including Sharingan, which from then on has a decisive influence on his fighting style. He now copies the techniques of his opponents and then adds them to his own repertoire. He is also able to perfect the Jutsu Chidori he developed. [18] [19] [20] [21]