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Miley Cyrus: a teen star is growing up

Miley Cyrus becomes a serious actress: In an interview with the gala, she talks about new plans, new films and her new love Liam Hemsworth

In your film "With you by my side" you only fall in love with the smart beach boy Will after some resistance. Love at first sight - does that even exist?

Maybe so, but it hasn't happened to me yet. I have to get to know someone better before I fall in love with them.

During the filming, you also fell in love with Liam Hemsworth in real life. When did you realize that he was the right one?

It was all very funny. Because before we admitted our love, we as Ronnie and Will already said to each other that we love each other and all this stuff. Before we kissed for the first time, there was already the first kiss in the film. So we had to do everything all over again, but that was pretty good because we already knew how to do it (laughs). But for the shooting, it was only an advantage that the chemistry between us was right. It just comes across more convincingly on screen. We didn't have to pretend, the feelings were all pretty real.

What are the benefits of having an actor as a friend?

Liam is a great actor and looks damn good, but he's not a show-off. He is very serious in everything he does. I always watch him read the scripts carefully and I also ask him to work on my roles with me. That's great! If you do the same job, it is definitely easier for a relationship because everyone immediately understands when the other is on the road and filming or has any appointments, i.e. you don't have time for each other. At the moment we don't plan to work together again. But it would be great if it happened again.

Liam is three years older than you. Is this a problem?

Not at all. The only problem is that he's so much bigger than me physically (laughs). Otherwise everything is fine. I even got to know Liam's parents and got along with them straight away.

Do you like to see yourself on screen?

I don't like to see myself on a big screen at all. Everything, but really everything, seems much bigger and wider and the viewer can see every detail of me, for example my crooked teeth. I didn't have them fixed because everyone has straight teeth and I always wanted to be different from everyone. But in the cinema they come across as extremely crooked. When I saw the movie, I just thought, "Oh my god, I look like I'm twelve years old and I need braces!" I hated this sight so much that sometimes I really had to turn away. In real life, however, my teeth don't bother me.

"With you by my side" is, contrary to expectations, a very sad film. Did something funny happen to you while filming?

Yes, that was on a scene in the hospital. My brother in the film and I had just found out that our father had cancer and didn't have much longer to live. We were sitting by his bed crying when suddenly my cell phone started to ring with Bob Marley's "Don't worry, be happy" as a ringtone. That was pretty embarrassing.

This year, on November 23rd, you will be 18 years old. How excited are you to be an adult?

I'm looking forward to it because I can finally move into the house I bought. Although I've already become pretty independent through the many trips. I have four brothers and sisters, so my parents couldn't accompany me everywhere. That said, I had to learn to take care of myself early on. Still, I hope that when I turn 18, some people will finally take me a little more seriously. Despite having so much life experience, some people still treat me as a small child.

When you turn 18, you will finally be able to freely spend the money you have earned over the past few years.

Oh, I've been doing that all the time anyway (laughs).


What does money mean to you?

You need money to live, but when you declare money to be your god, it becomes problematic.

Your role as "Hannah Montana" will soon be over. How are you doing with that?

There is a bit of sadness about it, because after all, I played this role for almost six years. I'm leaving safe ground. I always knew when I had to be where, had a fixed daily routine and it was clear who I was dealing with. On the other hand, it's exciting to start a new life in which I hope there will be a lot of work waiting for me.

You cannot imagine life without work? You could afford it!

My mother said to me with a laugh the other day, "The only thing that can get you a workaholic away from work is the volcanic ash cloud. Because of it, I couldn't fly to Europe, which I really regretted Liam also wanted to show different European countries.

Do you still see yourself as a teen star?

I don't like to classify myself. I think I've become a serious and serious actress. But if you see me exactly how, leave that to my fans.

How do you deal with negative criticism?

There will always be negative reviews. So that doesn't really affect me. As long as I am convinced of what I am doing. I am 1000 percent satisfied with the film "With you by my side". I gave everything during the shooting. If one or the other doesn't like it, I can't help it.


How did you manage to stay on the ground despite the worldwide success and the never-ending "Hannah Montana" hysteria?

I have my family and loads of good friends who are helping me keep my feet up. But I'm not the type who likes to let the star hang out anyway.

Will music continue to be your second mainstay?

My next album will be out in the summer. After that, I take a little break from music so that I can fully concentrate on acting. After the last season of "Hannah Montana" I'll be in front of the camera with Demi Moore in a film about a mother-daughter relationship. But I will continue to write songs - not for myself, but for fellow actors.

Could you imagine abandoning your career and going to university like Ronnie in the film?

I love what is happening too much for that. But: never say never! My grandmother was 65 when she went back to college. I learned from her that it's never too late for anything.

Barbara Zahn