Who is Malia Obama's father

Abitur exams are currently in progress in Germany. A time when parents hope for miracles and dream of a career as a doctor or lawyer for the little ones. Or about the crumbly teenager making it to Harvard. At least.

17-year-old Malia, eldest daughter of US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, is now making this dream come true. She is to study at the renowned Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The proud parents, both Harvard graduates, announced this on Sunday.

Before that happens, Malia will take a break for a good year to gain experience. She will graduate from high school this May, turn 18 on July 4th, and begin her studies in the fall of 2017, the Obamas announced. What exactly her daughter will do in the meantime, they did not say. It is also not known which subject Malia wants to take up after completing his undergraduate studies.

Malia and her younger sister, Sasha, who will turn 15 on June, attend the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, a prestigious Quaker school that other politician children go and go to, including Chelsea Clinton and the Roosevelt offspring, Nixons and Gores and the grandchildren of Vice President Biden.

Barack Obama recently declined the school's invitation to speak at his daughter's graduation ceremony. "I'm going to wear dark glasses and cry," he said on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. "I will cry."

Sasha has a few more years to go before she graduates from high school, until then the Obamas want to stay in Washington. Since Barack Obama's term of office ends in January, the family will have to look for a new place to stay in the federal capital and the surrounding area.