Why are there no cicadas active at night

A summer night concert with crickets and cicadas

In the summer, it grills and chirps in the meadows, hedges and bushes until well after midnight. The musicians of this concert are (male) crickets and cicadas. While crickets are beneficial insects in the garden, as they eat not only leaves and roots but also insects and dead animals as they are omnivores, cicadas are sucking insects that feed on sap and can easily transfer a fungus.

The Cicadas suck on various plant leaves such as the leaves of the rhododendron, but also on roses. When laying eggs on the flower buds, the chirping insects can transmit a fungus that causes the buds to die. These cicadas usually appear in smaller flocks - if you want to pick them up, they just jump far away. And continue to suck or chirp in the next bush.

grilling on the other hand, they live in holes in the ground and cannot jump or fly - only run away at lightning speed. They have long antennae and their strong bodies are colored glossy black - like an armored insect soldier. As soon as the cricket feels a shock on the ground, it disappears into its cave. That's why you rarely see a cricket.

Only the cricket man was born to be a summer musician: To attract a female, he sits on the forecourt of his cave (that's his stage), rubs his wings together and hopes that his chirping will be heard. If, however, another male appears instead of the hoped-for new love, a bitter fight begins. Therefore, you rarely hear two crickets playing music next to each other.

The female crickets are mute, but thanks to their sound-sensitive eardrums on their front legs, they can hear the males singing. Outwardly, they are easily recognizable by their so-called laying tube between the hind legs. It almost looks like a sting, but is only suitable for laying eggs.
If you see a cricket that is still small and without wings, you have a young animal in front of you. During the summer, the insect sheds its skin ten times, until - after a sleepy winter in its cave in the ground - it grows up the following year.

In Asia, crickets are popular pets because of their music. So that people can always enjoy the chirp, cricket men are kept in precious bamboo cages, but also in artfully carved little houses, e.g. B. made of apple wood, held in the living room. Anyone who has ever had a (stray) cricket in their own four walls knows how loud such a cricket fiddles when it's very close. And that every cricket sings its own song. In contrast to the nicely chirping, but plant-damaging cicadas, crickets are individualists - and an experience in themselves!

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