Are pizza boxes recyclable

Dispose of the pizza box properly

Yellow sack, waste paper or in the residual waste? Where the empty pizza box belongs depends on its condition - and on the material.

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According to the consumer initiative, heavily soiled pizza boxes do not belong in the waste paper.

Not every packaging made of paper should end up in the waste paper. Pizza boxes also often cause uncertainty: Can the empty box be thrown away with the paper garbage even if cheese, sauce, fat and other pizza residues are stuck to it?

Dirty pizza boxes are residual waste

Although uncoated pizza boxes are made of paper, only clean copies should end up in the paper bin. Because as soon as food sticks to it, it can no longer be recycled and belongs in the residual waste. The box is also out of place in the yellow sack or bin. Only packaging that is not made of paper or glass belongs there.

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Pizza box coated with aluminum

Not very common, but pizza boxes with an aluminum coating are in circulation. This is a composite material that, like all other composite materials in the packaging area, can be disposed of in the yellow sack or bin.

Dispose of the boxes of frozen food

According to research by the consumer initiative, not only pizza boxes, but also packaging of frozen goods are sorted out by some recyclers because they can be dirty. They are often made of composite materials that cannot be recycled for new paper. Therefore, according to the consumer initiative, this packaging should end up in the residual waste.

Only completely emptied cardboard boxes in the waste paper

Basically, however, packaging made of paper, cardboard and cardboard - including those for food - belongs in the blue waste paper bin, according to the Federal Environment Ministry. But they must be completely emptied. Beverage cartons made of composite materials, often also marked with the triangular recycling symbol, are disposed of in the yellow bin or sack and recycled accordingly.

Rules don't apply everywhere

Good to know: Waste disposal is a municipal business in Germany and the same rules do not apply everywhere. In case of doubt, consumers must contact their disposal company for information.

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| Updated: April 6, 2021

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