Does Google Chrome work on Windows Phone

Report gives hope: Android apps should finally work on Windows

Microsoft had spent some time establishing smartphones (Nokia Lumia) with their own operating system (Windows Phone). That was not successful, then followed a real offensive in the Android world. Initially, Microsoft offered a number of its own apps for Android smartphones, then the Surface Duo, its own Android phone, and finally, the close cooperation with Samsung for app streaming via Your Phone.

That was not all. Microsoft wants to connect Windows and Android even more closely. A brand new report from a very good source now speaks of the fact that in the coming year there will be a new function in Windows 10, via which Android apps should run. Microsoft even wants to set up its own source for Android apps. Basically, it should be similar for Windows as it is today under Chrome OS.

Windows and Android: an unusual love

According to previous information, Microsoft even wants to offer Android apps in its own Microsoft Store, because the Google Play Store is known to only be available for Android and Chrome OS.

I was also told that Microsoft is considering bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. I don't know how far this plan has progressed or when it will be delivered, but I've been told it may happen in 2021. I'll have more to tell about it soon. - Windows Central

Conversely, we ask ourselves whether Microsoft will not even build its own store for Android, which will then also be available for Android devices? In any case, it is rather unusual what is happening around Windows and Android. But I am not necessarily against closer cooperation between the big players, as that ultimately creates more freedom for users.

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