Who invented the weather radar?

The weather kitchen

Everyone is talking about the weather. But only a few know how weather works.
As with cake baking, it needs ingredients. If one is missing, then there is no weather.
What the weather kitchen needs are: the sun, the air and the water.

The sun is certainly the most important thing. Because without the sun and without the energy it sends us, the earth would be dark, icy cold and without life. The earth is just the right distance from the sun. If you look at our neighboring planets, then Venus is too close to the sun and much too hot. Mars is further away and far too cold. On earth alone, the temperatures are reasonably comfortable for us humans. Animals and plants have also been able to adapt well over many millions of years.

Info 1: Three ingredients for the weather kitchen

The sun is the engine of the weather

It is rightly said that the sun is the engine of our weather. Because the sun ensures different temperatures on earth: it is warmer at the equator and colder at the poles. There are always temperature differences between the different regions of the world. A law for gases, such as air, but also for liquids, always aims to compensate for such differences. That is why the air is constantly in motion. We then refer to this as wind.

It is similar in the seas: ocean currents bring the warm water to the poles and the cold water from there back to the equator. A well-known and important warm ocean current is the Gulf Stream. He ensures that it doesn't get too cold here in Western Europe.

Wind is air in motion

Similar to the currents in the oceans, the air moves across the earth, only a little faster. There are many different wind systems, very large ones that blow over long distances high above us and smaller ones close to the surface of the earth. They all do the same thing: they transport warm air or cold air. It is complicated by the fact that the earth is rotating. As with carousel driving, there are additional forces that primarily deflect the air currents. This creates highs and lows. And it gets very complicated because the earth is a bit crooked and we have alternating seasons as a result.

water is life

The water is so important because it can be solid, liquid or gaseous depending on the temperature. Most of the water is in the great oceans. A small part is also in the air as water vapor gas. In addition, there is a lot of water in everything that lives, in people, animals and plants. There is even water in the earth and in stones. All water is in a large cycle in which practically not a single drop is lost. Without this water cycle, the large areas of land on earth would be desert-like and devoid of life.

Here, too, the sun is the engine. The warmth of the sun allows large amounts of water to evaporate from the oceans. In the process, water becomes gaseous, invisible water vapor. The winds drive the warm, moist air from the sea over the continents. There the air cools down again. The water vapor turns into water droplets. Clouds emerge from which rain or snow will fall at some point. The precipitation that has fallen feeds streams and rivers, lakes or the groundwater in the ground. Ultimately, the water always flows back into the sea to start the cycle again.

Sun, air and water, these are the three ingredients of the weather kitchen and none of them should be missing.

(by Dipl.-Met.Gerhard Lux)