What is rule 1 to live happily

Fulfilled & unique: the golden rules for a happy life

A happy life does not come to us. Some are more lucky or unlucky than others, but we can do a lot to ensure that we live a full life. It is crucial how we treat ourselves, what attitude we approach every day, but also how we see other people and meet them. If we keep a few things in mind, the chances of being happy are pretty good. Of course, everyone has different standards of happiness and everyone lives differently, but there are certain things that we can all build on very well. Here are the tips for a happy life:

1. Make peace with your past.

Then she won't catch up with you in the present.

2. Take care of those around you.

And you will get gratitude and friendship back. And in difficult times you can count on the help of others.

3. You don't care what others think of you.

You live your life with the consequences of your choices. Not her.

4. Time heals all wounds.

So be patient with yourself and those around you. Everything will be fine!

5. Hold on, even if it hurts.

Sometimes we have to endure tough times. For what? The challenges of life strengthen us and strengthen our character.

6. Nobody is responsible for your happiness.

Except you. The same goes for your failure.

7. Do not compare your life to that of others.

You dictate how you live and what fills you out. So don't make your satisfaction dependent on what other people expect from life. But don't judge others for their decisions either. You never know which way they have already gone.

8. Don't worry too much.

It's okay not to know the answer to every question. The answers come when you least expect it.

9. Be honest!

To others and to yourself. Lies make life complicated and stressful. Trust is the ground on which much in life grows.

10. Be tolerant!

If you are open to new things, a lot of good things can happen to you.

11. Smile! You don't have the burden of the world on your shoulders.

A positive attitude prepares us for some lows. And in dealing with others there is hardly anything more disarming than friendliness.