What motivated you to murder

Translation of "the murder" in German

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I arrest for the murder Dickie Prince.
Taken 15 minutes before the murder.
It was 15 minutes ago the murder made.
We'll show you committing the murder.
We'll show you how the murder commits.
His alter ego committed the murder.
Arrest him for the murder of Archbishop Romero.
Take him for the murder to Archbishop Romero.
Like the murder of William Edgars.
For example for the murder to William Edgars.
She disappeared two days before the murder.
Nothing to connect anyone to the murder.
Nothing about anyone with the murder to bring in connection.
And the murder of Keith Fleming.
We are investigating here the murder of Darren Rigby and Keith Fleming.
I thought they stopped the murder.
I thought they did the murder prevented.
Investigation revealed that the murder was nationalistically motivated.
An initial investigation showed that the murder was nationalistically motivated.
Guilt for the murder was officially established.
Thus it was officially determined who for the murder was responsible.
Blackmailing the murder while double-crossing us.
Nothing to link him to the murder.
Haskell and his 16-year-old daughter witnessed the murder.
Haskel and his 16 year old daughter witnessed it of murder.
We just asked about the murder.
Examine the crime scene and solve the murder.
Above all, the murder, maiming and intimidation of political opponents must stop now.
But above all, you have to the murders, stop the assault and intimidation of political opponents.
They sit and laugh about the murder and repression of Burma's elected representatives.
You sit there and laugh about it the assassination and repression of Burma's elected representatives.
Two children have confessed to the murder of an 11-year-old in Uruguay.
Have two children in Uruguay the murder of an 11-year-old admitted.
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