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Profession technical computer scientist - job description and job opportunities

Have you ever heard of the technical informatics profession? We have compiled the most important industries, fields of employment and career opportunities for technical IT specialists for you.

Technical computer scientists are the link between computer science and the classical engineering sciences. That is why technical informatics is sometimes also called engineering informatics. Graduates of a degree in computer science with a focus on technology are valuable and sought-after specialists on the job market, who open up a variety of professional perspectives and opportunities.

Professions in technical informatics

Technical computer scientists and computer science engineers find jobs in the same industries as, for example, electrical engineers and mechatronics engineers. Medical technology, energy technology, the automotive industry, automation technology, information and communication technology, aerospace engineering, environmental technology, measurement and control technology or traffic technology can offer exciting career opportunities for technical IT specialists. Incidentally, banks and insurance companies as well as the public service are also happy to hire technical IT specialists.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to some of the sectors in which IT specialists and technical IT specialists are particularly welcome.

Robotics is probably one of the most promising industries in which you can currently find a job. Robots have long been an integral part of our world. But while the engineer builds the robots, the computer scientist teaches them to think. Because this is where the future of robotics lies above all: in the programming and creation of so-called artificial intelligence, which first enables the machines to recognize patterns, analyze processes and data and then act independently.

In order to cope with this “thinking power”, the robots must be equipped and programmed with the appropriate software. Technical engineers are working to ensure that innovations such as autonomous cars not only remain a dream of the future, but will soon serve to make our everyday lives easier.

The industry is constantly growing and changing, and there are numerous requests for qualified IT specialists with a technical understanding on the job market.

Nowadays sensors can be found in almost all technical areas. They imitate the human senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste in order to be able to perceive the environment just like a human being and to be able to react accordingly. A car's airbag system senses that the driver is in an accident? A smoke detector detects smoke particles in the air and triggers an alarm? A traffic control system detects a traffic jam and warns other road users? All of this is the work of sensors.

Technical computer scientists are working in this area to equip machines with ever better and finer senses in order to make their reactions even safer and more precise.

Multimedia technology is a young engineering science and, as the name suggests, deals with the linking of different technologies in the field of multimedia. Multimedia means the presentation and communication of information with the help of different elements such as text, graphics, videos and audio files. The concept is used in various areas, such as the telecommunications industry, the entertainment industry or the publishing and education sectors.

In order to coordinate the proper linking of these different media with one another, both electrical engineering and software elements are used. The technical computer scientist is in demand here. He takes care of the generation, processing, storage, transmission and presentation of multimedia content.

Since the media are playing an increasingly important role in society and multimedia concepts are becoming more and more important, the branch offers technical IT specialists and engineering IT specialists very good career prospects.

Further specialist areas and areas of responsibility

As diverse as the industries in which technical IT specialists are employed, the areas in which they work are just as diverse. For example, you can find a job in the fields of activity

  • IT quality assurance
  • IT security
  • System administration
  • Software development
  • IT sales
  • Process and product development
  • management
  • Appraiser or consultant
  • Project management

Since the demand for future-proof technologies such as embedded systems is high in many industries and is likely to remain so, technical IT specialists and IT engineers have very good career prospects.

The IT industry is generally seen as an engine of innovation with rapid growth rates, and computer systems are being used in more and more areas of life. The jobs for specialists in IT and technical informatics are correspondingly crisis-proof. According to the latest Bitkom survey (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und Medien e.V.), it is particularly information and telecommunications technology that is currently in high demand from specialists. There is a general shortage of skilled workers in the market.

In Germany, many medium-sized and large companies offer good entry opportunities for graduates in technical informatics or engineering informatics. The best preparation for starting a career is provided by those who were able to gain initial experience and establish contacts through internships during their studies.

Salary: What does a technical computer scientist earn?

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