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Landmarks in Utah

Utah is a state that Europeans have almost nothing to do with at first glance, which is not surprising - because apart from Salt Lake City, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002, there is not a city worth mentioning.

Nature easily makes up for this "shortcoming", if it is at all, and impresses with such a thing diverse rocky landscapeas you will probably not find anywhere else in the world. Even Arizona with its South Rim of the Grand Canyon pales a bit in comparison.

In other words: Utah is definitely not to be missed on a tour of the American Southwest!

Overview of the sights

The focus is almost exclusively on the southern Utah, which starts in the west, coming from Las Vegas, in St. George - often the last big city that one encounters during a tour through Utah for several days.

Here you can find the very nice one Snow Canyon State Park with petrified dunes that are quite worth seeing, but primarily St. George is just that: a starting point.

Beyond that, the sights of Utah really start with that Zion National Park, whose oppressively high cliffs in a still quite damp, green landscape attract the gaze of over a million tourists a year.

After a possible detour to the Cedar Breaks National Monument you will then reach the first absolute highlight with the Bryce Canyon National Parkwhose amphitheater offers incredible viewpoints that will impress almost every traveler. Maybe also because Bryce is comparatively unknown and the sight is all the greater.

SR-12 to the east

Via State Route 12 (SR-12), one of the most beautiful roads in the world, it goes past the Grand Staircase-Escalante to Capitol Reef National Park, which once again comes up with red rocks and extremely varied rock formations.

After a possible detour to the Goblin Valley, the valley of the goblins (the name does not promise too much!), It goes to the small town of Moab, in the vicinity of which you can discover the most beautiful national parks next to Bryce Canyon: Arches with its huge stone arches as well as the diverse Canyonlands with its pinnacles and viewpoints of the meandering Colorado River.

In the southeast, after all, that is Natural Bridges National Monument worth a detour with its light-colored rock bridges before you come across the Valley of the Gods and Goosenecks State Park at Mexican Hat. The latter offers once more views of a river creeping between the rock walls.

After all, that's what awaits you on the Arizona border Monument Valley, while in the east one could continue to Colorado to the Mesa Verde National Park.

The highlights of Utah

*** Bryce Canyon National Park1-2 days
The Bryce Canyon captivates with an almost perfect mixture of views of the sandstone cliffs formed by wind and weather as well as grandiose, mostly manageable hiking trails that lead you into the "canyon". You should definitely see a sunrise or sunset!

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*** Arches National Park1-2 days
A picture by Arches says it all: You won't find stone arches of such size and variety anywhere else - especially not in such a large number. For a start you can go to the Devils Garden, but there is also enough for longer visits.

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*** Canyonlands National Park1-2 days
The Canyonlands consist of several sections, so-called Districts, which require separate approaches. In the Island in the Sky District near Moab, the park primarily offers great viewpoints of the canyons, while in the Needles District to the south, great, long hiking trails to pinnacles await visitors.

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*** Grand Canyon (North Rim)1 day
The less frequented North Rim of the Grand Canyon is in no way inferior to the South Rim - except for the number of visitors: It's a bit quieter here than in the south, and you don't have to use a shuttle to get from A to B. Not only worth considering for a second trip to the USA.

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** Capitol Reef National Park1-2 days
A diverse, if somewhat difficult national park, which impresses with its red, enormously variable rock formations. To begin with, you can take the Scenic Drive, which will give you a good impression of the surroundings.

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** Zion National Park1-2 days
While it is mostly quite dry in the east of Utah, in Zion in the west you can still find a lot of green that adorns the valleys between the oppressively high rocks. Great hikes are possible, the weather has to play a part.

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** Natural Bridges National Monument3-4 hours
At first glance, the Natural Bridges are reminiscent of Arches, but on the second they look a little different and also show a different history. Well worth the detour, as both the beautiful scenic drive and the short trails are worthwhile.

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** Goosenecks State Park1 hour
Great view of several tight turns of the San Juan River, located near the small town of Mexican Hat in the southeast.

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** Goblin Valley State Park2-3 hours
The "valley of the goblins" inspires once again with unique rocks that are reminiscent of mushrooms or goblins. A very special sight both close up and from a distance.

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** Dead Horse Point State Park1 hour
Another viewpoint on a meandering river, here the Colorado River. Located right in front of the entrance to the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands.

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** State Route 12 (SR-12)1 day
State Route 12 runs from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef and is considered one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the US, if not the world. Numerous views along the route, the hiking opportunities in the Grand Staircase-Escalante, however, require good footwear and sometimes difficult approaches.

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** The Wavehalf a day
An exclusive experience is The Wave, whose rocks with a wave-shaped structure create a once again unique image. Access to the area is only possible with a permit, for which you have to participate in a lottery with very little chance of winning. Still worth the try!

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* Cedar Breaks National Monumenthalf a day
Cedar Breaks offers views similar to Bryce Canyon, but access is only possible in summer due to the location. Nice as a smaller, somewhat quieter alternative!

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* Snow Canyon State Park3-4 hours
At St. George, the Snow Canyon invites you not with snow, as the name suggests, but with petrified dunes and once volcanic activity. Some nice hiking trails and views if you have plenty of time.

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* Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park2-3 hours
Slightly pink-tinged dunes can be found near Kanab, which is the starting point for visiting the Grand Canyon North Rim on the way to Page. Only partially suitable for hiking and relaxation, but still worth seeing.

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