What do very small spiders eat

What do spiders eat?


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What do spiders eat?

This question comes from Adam in Munich.

Until now it was thought that all spiders were predators. But that's not true: One species of jumping spider has a vegetarian diet - a sensation! Most, however, only eat live food. They feed on insects, sometimes also on smaller spiders. Larger specimens also eat mice or carrion. They inject poison into their prey and use it to paralyze or kill them.
They get their prey in different ways. Some build their webs as traps, like orb web spiders. Others hunt their prey. Jumping spiders, for example, stalk their prey and then grab them while jumping. Crab spiders do not build nets either, but go hunting freely. Species of wolf spiders that live near the water also feed on tadpoles or small fish.

Tarantulas hunt their prey at night. Then they jump at them and overwhelm their prey with their strength and strong mouth limbs. Some tropical spiders, on the other hand, build webs so tight that they can even prey on small birds.

We know from Amazon Indians that they even keep spiders as pets. This is how the Indians protect their families from malaria because the spiders eat the mosquitoes that transmit the disease. The warriors sometimes take day trips to fetch a spider into their home for this purpose.

There are over 80,000 species of spider, of which only 41,000 have been researched. The other half is still largely unknown. They are often associated with insects because of their small size and appearance. The spiders belong to their own species, the arachnida (arachnids). Jumping spiders belong to the category of web spiders and are distributed worldwide. With over 5,000 species, they form the largest family of this order.

Some people are disgusted with spiders, but you don't have to. They are even very fascinating if you take a closer look at them and observe them in peace. Spiders are also very useful because they catch flies and mosquitoes in their webs and thus protect us from a mosquito plague.

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