Do doctors need a PhD

Why do a doctorate in medicine?

We will tell you the advantages of a doctorate in medicine. Write your doctoral thesis with us!

If you successfully complete your medical studies with the state examination, you are already a doctor. You have learned the necessary tools during your studies in theoretical and practical seminars and internships. If you have also successfully completed your specialist training, you can work as a doctor in your field without a doctorate.

License to practice medicine even without a doctorate

The license to practice medicine, i.e. the admission to practice as a doctor to open your own practice or to take up a position in a clinic, is not affected by the doctorate in Germany. You can apply for it after you have successfully completed your studies. The license to practice medicine means the state permission to use the professional title of doctor because, thanks to your training, you are able to carry out the profession on your own responsibility and independently.

So why do a PhD?

For many students, a doctorate in medicine is the culmination of their studies. Since the medical doctorate is not subject to any time regulation, it is not an easy project and should not be taken lightly. Many students try to write a doctoral thesis during their studies in order to save time after graduation and to be able to start their career straight away. However, due to the double burden of study and research, this project is often doomed to failure.

However, if the dissertation is intended to pave the way for you in research, for example, or if you want to build up a reputation for researching a particular disease, a doctorate makes perfect sense. Especially if you are interested in an academic career, a doctoral thesis completed during your studies can set the course for your professional path at an early stage. A doctorate in medicine has other reasons, however: only those who conduct research can discover new diseases, develop new treatment and prevention methods and thus ultimately drive the development of the health market forward.