What causes electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Similar terms: Electrosensitivity.

Felt hypersensitivity to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) is mainly described by subjective symptoms (reddening, tingling, burning, dryness of the skin) as well as exhaustion, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, nausea, palpitations and indigestion. The hypersensitivity to electric and magnetic fields is a hitherto unclear health problem, the cause of which has yet to be clarified.

Source: GreenFacts, based on WHOElectromagnetic fields and public health

Hypersensitivity to electromagnetism is often dismissed as a "nocebo effect", i.e. a negative effect caused by the expectation or belief that something - in this case electromagnetic fields - is harmful (a reverse placebo effect).

Source: GreenFacts

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GreenFacts Executive Summary Potential Health Effects from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Update 2015

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