What prevents gangs

- Dorfen - After intensive investigations, the Dorfen police succeeded in preventing a gang war between young people from Dorfen and a Turkish-Russian group from Waldkraiburg that was scheduled for Saturday in the city center. The mass brawl would have become a sad high point in the last few months, when the number of brawls and acts of violence in villages skyrocketed.

The youth gangs apparently agree on the Internet where and when to strike. The police were able to determine in advance that a dispute between young people and adolescents from Dorfen and a Turkish-Russian group between the ages of 18 and 25 from Waldkraiburg was planned for Saturday evening. The background to this is disputes between individual members of the groups.

Some time ago the Dorfen gang apparently visited Waldkraiburg and fought with the gang there. The Waldkraiburger gang had already come to Dorfen two weeks earlier, armed with baseball bats, to look for some young people and to "stir up" them. The project was unsuccessful.

On Saturday, another gang war was agreed in Dorfen on the Internet. About 30 young people from Dorfen, most of them known to the police, were waiting for the group from Waldkraiburg who wanted to take revenge. According to police investigations, the people of Dorfen kept a much larger group on call in the background: 40 to 50 people would have been notified via cell phone if the fight between the two groups had occurred. According to investigations, these were adolescents from Schwindegg, Erding, Isen and Freising.

In order to prevent a mass brawl, the police were on site with a strong contingent. In advance, contact was made with individual members of the group and the young people were informed that the police had been warned. As things stood, the Waldkraiburger gang had gotten wind of it and decided not to "visit" Dorf. As one youth stated to the police, the matter was "not over yet".

It is frightening for the police that more and more young people are using platforms on the Internet in order to first verbalize disputes among various groups and ultimately after making an appointment with the law of the thumb.