How do I find channels in the telegram

Questions and answers on channels

What is a channel?

Channels are one way of sending public notices to a large audience because channels can have an unlimited number of members. If you write something in a channel, the message will be sent with the channel name and not your name. You can designate additional administrators to help you manage the channel. Unlike in groups, posts you deleted disappear not only for you, but for everyone. New members can see the entire history of the channel.

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How do I create a channel?

How to create a channel:

iOS: In the chat list, tap on the symbol in the upper right corner> ‘New Channel’.
Android: Tap on the pencil symbol in the chat list> ‘New channel’.
Windows Phone: Tap the “+” button in the lower bar> ‘New channel’.

How do public and private channels differ?

Public channels have a username. Anyone can find and join them in Telegram search.

Private channels are like a closed society - you have to be added by the creator or follow an invitation link to be able to join.

Once a private channel has a publicly available link, it is treated like a public channel.

What rights do administrators have?

The creator of a channel can send messages, delete all messages, add members (the first 200), remove members, change the channel name, the profile picture and the invitation link, as well as delete the entire channel. The creator can also add and remove administrators.

Administrators have limited rights: they can send messages, delete their own messages, and remove all members.

What happens if I delete a message?

Unlike in normal groups, a deleted message disappears for all members. Incidentally, this also works in supergroups.

How can I add new members?

As the creator of the channel, you can invite the first 200 members. Once the channel reaches 200 members, it's on its own. If it is a public channel, it has a username and a link, e.g. You can post this link on social networks, advertise it in magazines, or have it tattooed on your back. If you've created a private channel, you can send the invitation link to your friends.

Please do not send invitation links (or other unsolicited messages) to people you do not know. If your account is reported as spam, you will no longer be able to contact strangers; as good as your intentions were.

What does the eye symbol mean?

Every post in a channel has a "viewed" counter. Views of forwarded copies of your messages are also included in the total. That way, you can see how far your message has spread. However, these numbers are only approximate - multiple calls from one person can be counted multiple times.

How can I find out who posted a message on the channel?

There is currently no way of knowing whether a message was written by the creator or one of the administrators.

Is there an opportunity to give feedback?

No, not at the moment, sorry. That could change in the future.