What are parts of a helicopter


A rescue helicopter from Austria. The four rotor blades at the top are turning in circles at breakneck speed. You can only see them in this photo because the camera was set to fast.

A helicopter is a device that you can fly with. Another word is helicopter. The special thing about the helicopter is that you can take off and land vertically with it.

You can also stay in the air with the helicopter. Airplanes, on the other hand, must always move forward, otherwise they will crash. This is because air must always flow around the wings in order to create lift. The wings of an airplane are rigid, so it takes speed to have lift. The wings move on a helicopter. They spin, they say they spin. therefore it is also called the rotor.

There have been ideas for a helicopter for a long time. It was not until the 20th century that the engines were so advanced that they were powerful enough for the helicopter. In 1922, Étienne Œhmichen from France built the first one that was reasonably stable in the air. During the Second World War, helicopters were used, and in 1946 helicopters were also allowed outside the army.

Today helicopters are not only needed in the army: Most helicopters are there to observe something from the air and to save people. There are also rich people who want to get to their destination much faster by helicopter than by car.

When is a helicopter better than an airplane?

Airplanes take a long path to land and take off. Helicopters don't need that, that's important if, for example, you want to pick up someone in the mountains who has had an accident. In addition, airplanes cannot stand still in one place in the air. If you want to deposit a heavy load exactly at a certain point on the earth, it is best to do so by helicopter.

But helicopters have many disadvantages. Compared to an airplane, they need significantly more energy and therefore more gasoline. Thats expensive. For a helicopter, 300 kilometers per hour is pretty fast. The record is around 470 kilometers per hour. But the fastest aircraft are more than twice as fast. Helicopters can't fly that high either.

By the way, flying in a helicopter is more dangerous. However, helicopters are also used for dangerous missions, such as in the rescue service. Helicopters are also more difficult to control than an airplane. In the event of an engine failure, an airplane can still glide, a helicopter cannot.

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