How do you meet people at parties

You will meet these 7 guys at every first-semester party

Discount alcohol on sale and a virgin campus — welcome to your first student party. Especially at the beginning of the semester you drown in a sea of ​​flyers for freshman parties, orientation days and the very classy dental student meetings. But what kind of people do you actually meet at such events? Who are these people that you will meet at every party for the next 4 years? We have analyzed the most frequently represented copies of students at parties for you, so that you can prepare yourself perfectly for events such as "Students Go Vegas in the library foyer" and nothing more shocks you:

The "I'm not drinking today" type

You used to know him from your circle of friends, now he is taking the same course as you. In normal student life, he actually appears to you as a very pleasant person: He never goes to the lecture in jogging pants, doesn't bum up cigarettes from you and always has them Records of the week when you need them. "Do you want a beer?" You ask him, hoping to lighten the mood a little. "No, thank you, I won't drink anything today," he shouts at you with a self-confidence that makes you doubt whether you even deserve it. continue your humble existence on this planet. How is it possible to be so strong-willed when you can't even control yourself once and even want to toast the last lecture of the day with your friends? What is the meaning of your life when you are trapped in an endless spiral of self-pity and alcohol in hell? An hour later you find your boyfriend asleep in the bathroom, his pants down on his knees, his face hanging in the toilet. The world order is restored.

Gel hairstyle: sits. V-neck: sits. Sunglasses that are only of limited use at night: fits. Representatives of this species used to be women heroes at school and "hanged them all away". The superbanger now wants to continue the glorious conquests of the past at university and he finds his perfect hunting ground at parties. When entering the location, his giant stick turns into a divining rod and points directly to the object of his desire. A "no" only makes his sex drive more aggressive and encourages him to try it over and over again. Unfortunately, this ripper has not yet noticed what female students are looking for nowadays: gluten-free and vegan meals, Alt-J and Polaroid cameras. Sorry bro.

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Usually found in groups of 3-5 women, never without a shot in hand, always looking for their time-of-life. But Woo-Girls are not just about their own fun. More importantly, others can see and — exactly — hear how much fun they are actually having. The aim of the Woo-Girls is to be received in the next lecture with the whispered words "They really went off at the party", while in the white blouse and the pen behind the ear one has long been busy recording everyday university life and career The reason why the Woo-Girls shout the call of the wilderness into the faces of innocent passers-by at night seems to be their unspeakable Yolo attitude, but in truth all of this is incredibly exhausting for them and the only reason why she woo-en is so that no one at university dares to dissolve her because of her geek attitude.

Regardless of whether you are studying philosophy, applied mathematics or singing & clapping, this inconspicuous person sits in every course. At school he had few friends because he was, as he himself would say, "simply too mature". But now his time has come, after all, only the elite and thus the most educated and cultivated young adults in the country study, right "As much as students love to talk about demonstrations, racism and feminism, parties go to partying. Unfortunately, politicians often do not understand that, politics is not a talk topic for them, but a lifestyle! Strangely enough, nobody is on the dance floor want to entertain them, they chat to the guy who is sitting on the floor at 11 o'clock with a few yellow, vomited chunks of snack between his legs. The victim, overwhelmed by alcohol and politics in all its harshness, can only stammer sentences like: " What? Change from the image of a woman in the postmodern-Huh? ", While he picks the leftovers from the crumbly cough. The hobby politician now realizes that intellectual discussions will not change the political situation. After four schnapps and about an hour of contemplative meditation, he jumps up, takes off his T-shirt and presents the Edding lettering on his (organic) chicken breast: “Stop TTIP! ACAB! "The political will then be kicked out, he will also be increasingly kicked out everywhere later, you will soon no longer see him in the lectures. He has no more time for studies, he has to overthrow the pig system.

You can recognize this student by the fact that he looks exactly as your uncle imagines all students to be: “Lousy hippie pack in Jesus' slippers and with long hair.” In addition, the eco not only emphasizes again and again that he is already in the second or even third Semester is, but also that alcohol and cigarettes are "totally unpleasant" for the body. “This is all negative spirit for your energy flow, brother. You should also eat gluten-free and vegan, man, your body is a temple, "he says to you, while he chews the remains of the mushroom chocolate and prepares a line on his pocket mirror. By the way: He secretly likes to drink red wine, he would but never admit it.

Photo: Flickr | icanteachyouhowtodoit | CC-BY 2.0

It's pretty normal not to know each other at freshman parties. After all, most people have just started college and are new to town. However, there is this one guy who is out there with the smokers. He asks you if you have a short fire and you start a conversation. "What do you study?" You want to know from him, but the stranger just smiles and shakes his head. "Nothing. I only live here in the neighborhood." A short time later, the stranger is thrown from the party because he either wanted to steal alcohol or was looking for an argument. At the next party, however, he shows up again, maybe even with a fake mustache. Nobody seems to know where these people come from or how they find out about student parties, but they're always there and disappearing under the same mysterious circumstances that they showed up in.

You probably became aware of the Schleimer at the welcome event. The tutors only wanted to introduce themselves briefly and explain the lecture schedule to you, but Schleimer had other plans. Whenever the tutors took a break, Schleimer asked how Prof. Schmidt was "in a good mood" and where the best place to go for lunch. Here, at the first party, the Schleimer developed into a serious problem, because it hunted confused Looking across the room, always on the lookout for people who could be helpful for his later career. The Schleimer will attack you too with his harmless questions, something like: "And how did you get this degree?" The correct answer is always, “Actually, I'm just here by chance.” He'll be targeting a new victim in about half a second and never bother you again.


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