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Dating apps are now a dime a dozen, and thanks to Corona they are getting more and more popular. In this Ab21 episode, we'll talk about how we're dating now.

Online dating clichés are as old as the internet. And as is the case with clichés, not all are actually true. Although some people are looking for a sex partner on the platforms, more people are out there because they would actually like to have a relationship. Both will find what they are looking for. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

With the beginning of the corona pandemic, the number of users used in online dating has also increased. Because in real life there were hardly any opportunities to meet a potential partner or lover.

"It was different in May, but now it's back to how it used to be."
Melina about her dating behavior

Melina is single and told us in May how her dating behavior has changed due to the corona pandemic. Back then, flirting was still done by phone or video chat, and instead of hot sex and wild kisses, you could only take a walk at a distance. But this dating slowdown didn't last long. Everyday life has become more relaxed again, and so has dating: Melina now meets again in cafes and bars.

Corona has changed online dating

The psychologist Johanna Degen can confirm what Melina says. She researches usage behavior in the dating app Tinder. In May she was able to observe "atypical" crisis behavior on the platform. People who felt anxious or weak on Tinder were a new phenomenon. Those guys would still be on the platform, but in some ways we've gotten back to normal. However, dating has changed. The psychologist explains how in the podcast.

"Just as the home office has found its way, the world of dating has changed forever."
Johanna Degen, psychologist on the change in dating behavior

Online Dating Numbers in 2020:

  • In a survey by Parship in July 2020, 3723 members were asked about the effects of the corona pandemic on their dating behavior. Accordingly, the text messages are less superficial and also longer than before the pandemic.
  • According to this survey, after the relaxation of the exit and contact restrictions, many people also wanted more face-to-face meetings. As a location for this, 62 percent choose the fresh air instead of the earlier classics bar or restaurant (45 percent) for their date.
  • Online dating is really popular. That is the result of a survey on behalf of the digital association Bitkom among 1,006 people. Therefore
    Especially younger people rely on online dating: 47 percent of 16 to 29 year olds have already used such a service.

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